Wednesday, August 06, 2008

2007 Topps Opening Day

After starting the variety pack from Monday it's time to open up the next pack. Well all know that Topps' Opening Day series is a way for them to squeeze those extra bucks out of the hardcore collector. The first difference you notice between the original series and the OD series is the cards of the OG are black and the OD are white. On to the contents (as always, from top to bottom).

14 Mike Lowell
24 Nick Markakis (AS Rookie) I absolutely love this card. I am one of the biggest Orioles fans out there.
213 Lou Seal (Giants' Mascot)

19 Matt Holliday
46 Derek Jeter
OD Puzzle 9 (From looking at the complete picture on the back, it appears that I have Pujols' front foot and Webb's groin)

I would grade the pack a solid B. I'm not too familiar with the Opening Day series, so I'm sure the reason I got nothing but 2 World Series MVP (including the one for that respective season), the NL MVP of that respective season, a mascot and the face of a franchise turning things around into the right direction.


William said...

Did you put that Matt Holliday in a screw-down holder?

JSquared said...

No, I don't own a scanner and I'm too lazy to use my digital camera so I searched google images for anything from my pack.

William said...

Well that's a relief...wait; that still means SOMEBODY put that card in a screw-down holder at one point or another. That's too bad.

William said...

hahahaha I wonder if they're gonna get it slabbed too - you never know when the basement might flood!