Monday, August 04, 2008

2007 Topps Series One

Hello readers. I have been collecting cards for a while, and have been reading this blog for a few months now. I wanted to see what damage I could do so I walked to the Walmart Neighborhood Market (which is a grocery store with Walmart prices) and bought a variety pack that had 16 packs and promised a free bonus item all for $19.97. The variety pack included, in chronological order:

2 2007 Topps series 1
1 2007 Topps Opening Day
1 2005 Diamond Kings
1 2003 UD Victory
1 1991 Topps Jumbo pack (basically a rack pack with two sections of 50 cards each, counting each section as a pack
3 1990 Fleer
1 1990 Donruss
3 1989 Topps (My absolute favorite set of all time)
2 1988 Topps

My bonus prize is a 2000 Royal Rookies auto of Adam Melhuse (3593 of 4950) that was just thrown into the box like it was its own pack.

As for today's pack(s), it will be the two 2007 Topps series 1 with good ol' Ryan Howard on the package.

Pack #1:
302 Scott Rolen Gold Glove
34 Paul Konerko
97 Dave Bush
179 Joe Nathan
JG69 Josh Gibson Home Run #540
143 Vicente Padilla

Pack #2:
91 Carlos Silva
90 Chipper Jones
105 Travis Hafner
59 Brent Clevlen
128 Damian Miller
5 Bobby Abreu
MHR216 Mickey Mantle Home Run History
OTG17 Jermaine Dye Own the Game
WM 18 Vladimir Guerrero Topps Baseball Stamp
74 Jose Valverde
292 Josh Fields RC
140 Freddy Sanchez

Not a bad haul with only 6 bases being doubles. Not a bad pull on the inserts either. My apologies if this post ran long. I will learn as I go. Please be gentle until I find a rhythm.


zman40 said...

I've been buying those repacks lately also. I was doing pretty good for awhile where 95% of the packs were from the last five years. But I bought two boxes last week and both of them each had four packs of 1990 Donruss, two packs of '90 Fleer, and two packs of '90 Score.

dayf said...

The recent junk wax is starting to dry up and thanks to the number of manufacturers being cut in half and the number of sets per year dropping, there's not going to be many more great repack boxes.

We are at Peak Junkwax!

madding said...

I have been loving the repack boxes as well, mostly because I only started buying packs again in the past couple years after losing interest in 1993. I've bought a few from the Evil Empire that were priced at 9.99 with 10 blaster-sized packs. I also got a blister pack once at Target for 6.99 primarily because a Jim Edmonds card that I didn't own was showing on the front and I could see in the middle that there were a couple of blue wax packs (assuming, incorrectly that they were both 1986, the first year I started collecting. one was actually '89. I'm a bit rusty.)