Monday, August 18, 2008

2008 Panini Championship Soccer

The first football (soccer) post went down quite well so I thought I'd do another but Thorzul beat me to post another Premiership pack after the first round of the competition.

However there is life outside of the Premiership. The second tier of the football competition called 'The Championship'. The three teams relegated from the Premiership at the end of the season join 'The Championship' and the first three teams from the Championship join 'The Big League' (and usually go straight back down again).

The teams may not be as well known but as just as eagerly supported as the teams in 'The Premiership'. Whereas in the Premiership it is won by one of 'The Big Four' (Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea or Arsenal). The Championship is much more evenly contested and well over half the teams have realistic possibility of gaining promotion.
I support a team called 'Charlton Athletic', a London club like Fulham, Arsenal, Tottenham and West Ham. Who until recently were a premiership team but were relegated two seasons ago.

The cards are produced by Panini, an Italian company, who also produce a wide variety of football stickers.
These are 35p a pack for 5 cards. You can also buy an attractive binder with 9 pocket sleeves to keep your cards in.
There are no inserts, short prints, parallels or super dynamic ultra special shiny cards. Just your 288 base cards ( about 12 cards per team.)It is fairly easy to collect the whole set or your club of preference.

Pack 1
89 Gary Borrowdale Coventry City
21 Wes Hoolahan Blackpool (a beautiful bright orange strip)
128 Sylvain Legwinski Ipswich Town
166 Sylvan Ebanks-Blake Plymouth Argyle
15 Billy Sharpe Sheffield United ('The Blades')
278 Darren Ward Wolverhampton Wanderers
Pack 2
150 Lee Croft Norwich City (love that green and yellow strip and great nickname 'The Canaries)
193 Joe Murphy Scunthorpe United
202 Paul Hayes Scunthorpe United
54 Gavin Rae Cardiff City (losing FA Cup team)
16 Michael Jackson Blackpool (no not that one, a different one)

Pack 3
180 Neil Mellor Preston North End
6 Rohan Ricketts Barnsley
211 Michael Tonge Sheffield United (cockney rhyme slang for something going wrong-as in 'It's all gone Pete Tong')
62 Yassin Mountaouakil Charlton Athletic(Come on you Reds)
109 Boaz Myhill Hull City (Premiership new boys)

Hope you enjoyed. There are a few Americans playing in the Championship (and a few Canadians as well).

Again if you want any packs just drop us a line and they are yours.


dayf said...

Presenter: Yes, yes! One final question Karl and the beautiful lounge suite will be yours... Are you going to have a go? (Karl nods) You're a brave man. Karl Marx, your final question, who won the Cup Final in 1949?

Karl: The workers' control of the means of production? The struggle of the urban proletariat?

Presenter: No. It was in fact, Wolverhampton Wanderers who beat Leicester 3-1.

Chris Harris said...

Wolves have both the coolest name, and team badge in football.

It's not "The Wolves," it's just "Wolves."

Captain Canuck said...

love it!

(especially if any Canadians happen to sneak in the post)