Monday, August 18, 2008

2006 Upper Deck Football

I took a day or two off from posting and now I will resume with the third pack of the three pack blister that I purchased a few days ago. 2006 Upper Deck is housing the "3,000 Passing/1,000 Yard Rushing/Recieving/ 10 Sack/ etc. Club" Insert set as well as the "Fantasy Top 25" insert set. I have a couple of these cards, so lets see if I get one I need!

Carson Palmer 3,000 Yard Passing Club(1 Time)
Crap. I already have this one. Well, at least Palmer is a decent player.

Antwaan Randle El
Where is this guy in his career now? He once was a great WR for the Steelers and now he's kinda disapeared from the radar a little with the 'Skins.

Jevon Kearse
He needs to make up his mind on if he wants to stay with the Eagles or the Titans or wherever he is now.

Julius Jones
He's good and was a great complement to Marion Barber. Now he's in Seattle sharing with #37. That could mean his career goes bye-bye.

Neil Rackers
A kicker. Seriously. A kicker? Come on, people. At least it's a good one.

A pretty good pack in my opinion with all five players being somewhat notable. I'll take it.


Captain Canuck said...

you got your Cowboy info incorrect... Barber is now the man in Dallas. Julius Jones is now sharing the load in Seattle.
Barber will step up. Jones...???

Jrod said...

Ahh. I didn't know which was which.