Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2008 Goudey

I too bought a blaster of this stuff, but I'll avoid stepping on Chris' toes and only post one of the packs here. The best pack out of the box, in fact. If you want all the gory details on this blaster you can check out my post here.

155 Chris Young
103 Warren Spahn
57 CC. Cabathia
119 Tom Seaver red back mini
112 Johan Santana
60 Fausto Carmona
8 John Smoltz
218 Gaylord Perry SP

This is the kind of pack I love from Goudey, a mini card and a short print in the same pack. Too bad I only got one like that in the box. The short print card is one of the Base SPs too, which is much better than pulling a President card. Braves and Indians pitchers dominate this pack. CC isn't an Indian any more, but he's wearing a Tribe cap at least. Gaylord Perry pitched for the Indians and the Braves. And about a dozen other teams, but still. Tom Seaver was signed by the Braves for about 15 minutes before the lousy commissioner screwed us. That Seaver card is gorgeous by the way, even if he is a dirty evil Met on the card. I don't have time to hate the Mets right now, because I pulled Spahnie AND Smoltzie in the same pack! That right there is why Goudey rules. The weird thing about it though is that Upper Deck apparently designed the checklist to be alphabetical by team. However, they used the city name instead of the team name, so Spahn is hanging out with the Brewers cards. Give him back, Brew crew! Spahn is ours!


Dr. Burt said...

Too bad they can't include "game used spit" from an authentic spitball on the Gaylord Perry card.

Dinged Corners said...

we'll get off our goudey high horse long enough to admit that the seaver is quite nice, even with the inevitable griffalump.

Captain Canuck said...

Spahn and Smoltzie in the same pack??? you sir, are a cheat. A lucky one. But one nonetheless.
If Roach had been in there too... I'd be knocking on your door by now

Andy said...

how can you tell which cards in this set are SP?

DaveH said...

Strange that Spahnie would show up with Milwaukee since the card front shows him as a Boston Brave. Great continuity UD!