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1991 Topps Jumbo Pack

I first would like to apologize for the lack of images. I know I promised that I would post some pictures, but I can't seem to get any good pictures with my camera. So until I decide to get a scanner, I am just going to post images from what I find on Google.

This set was my favorite of all time. It was the first set I ever completed. I wheeled and dealed with just about every kid in my neighborhood to complete this set. Now I have the chance to reminisce about those good old days, and I can sub out any cards that may have obtained some damage over the years with one that might be in a better condition. Seven hundred ninety-two cards, and Topps made over one eighth of the set available in just a single buy. This jumbo pack has so many chances to be great, I couldn’t wait to rip this bad boy open.

The pack also comes with a piece of gum (that will not be chewed) in the right side. By looking through the cellophane, I can already see the gum is broken. That appears to be a good thing, because the gum is not stuck to the top card. Since broken gum not sticking to the cards is always a good sign, lets save that one for last. On to the left pack:

79 Frank Thomas
572 Dave Anderson
474 Phil Plantier
467 Dennis Cook
620 Ozzie Guillen
403 Bobby Bonilla All Star
246 Kevin Wickander
303 Mick Boddicker
196 Jim Vatcher
87 Tracy Jones

493 Jose Rijo
780 Randy Myers
117 Dion James
34 Atlee Hammaker
605 Jeff Reardon
636 Geronimo Pena
685 Doug Drabek
380 Willie McGee
289 Tim Birtsas
49 Pat Borders

161 Tim Leary
46 Tim Drummond
182 Junior Noboa
604 Billy Hatcher
697 Shawn Abner
540 George Brett
503 Roy Smith
124 Randy Bush
449 Juan Berenguer
640 Andre Dawson

557 Wally Whitehurst
649 Bill Sampen
412 Dave Bergman
517 Joe Oliver
634 Henry Cotto

140 Fred McGriff
520 Mark Grace
514 Mike Stanton
262 Tim Jones
307 Andy Benes

141 Nick Leyva (Manager)
729 Don Zimmer (Manager)
485 Terry Pendleton
245 Kal Daniels
21 Joe Morgan (Manager)
452 Bill Schroeder
282 Don Carman
582 Marty Clary
432 Delino DeShields (All Star rookie cup)
163 Dave Johnson

Wow. All I have to say is wow. It starts out with a future HoFer and a member of the not so exclusive 500 homer club and it just keeps coming. A Hofer, a World Series winning manager, 2 MVPs, a Cy Young, and the guy traded from the Orioles to the Red Sox for Brady Anderson and Curt Schilling. Now lets see if the gum side can top that.

393 Carlton Fisk All Star
273 Johnny Ray
486 Tommy Greene
733 Kelly Downs
407 John Franco All Star
594 Rick Garces Future Star (El Guapo)

113 Carl Everett #1 Draft Pick
506 Darnell Coles
359 Mike Marshall
555 Turner Ward

628 Greg Litton
406 Frank Viola All Star
239 Darren Lewis
723 Candy Maldonado

180 Tony Gwynn (The best hitter since Ted Williams. And I don’t want to hear any arguments about it.)
.510 John Franco
339 Larry Walker (All Star rookie cup)
26 Luis Sojo
477 Mike Fetters
260 Harold Reynolds

602 Casey Candaele
410 Dave Righetti
691 Mike Blowers
58 Mel Stottlemyre
254 Shawn Boskie
487 Rafael Belliard
618 Sil Campusano
230 Sid Fernandez
281 Larry Sheets
172 Pete Incaviglia

666 Danny Darwin
331 Eric Anthony
501 Mike Bielecki
318 Rick Aguilera
687 John Cerutti
112 Frank DiPino
132 Jamie Quirk
720 Cecil Fielder
505 Chuck Finley
162 Ozzie Canseco

655 Erik Hanson
532 Kirk McCaskill
192 Rob Deer
237 Rick Cerone
413 Terry Mulholland
709 Matt Sinatro
193 Filex Ferrmin
622 Jack Daugherty
544 Alejandro Pena
717 Phil Bradley

After all of the hype for the right pack, it came away lacking in the star power of the first pack. Don’t get me wrong, a Fisk, two Francos, a Viola, and a Gwynn is good for a 50 card pack. But it just doesn’t compare to the first 50.

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William said...

The 5 year-old in me [which is how old I was when this set came out] got real excited reading this post. Ahhh, the good old days when a jumbo pack had 100 cards in it. This pack was good now, but back in 1991 this pack would've been even better -- Phil Plantier was a beast then and you would've had people beating you up for that Frank Thomas second-year card. But that's just the 5 year-old in me talking.