Saturday, August 23, 2008

1994 Upper Deck World Cup Football USA94

This will be the last of my soccer for the time being and what a pack it is. The World Game came to the US of A in 1994. There are a few thing I remember about this World Cup.
  1. England were not there.
  2. Indoor football - a first for a world cup
  3. It was really hot.
  4. and Alexi Lalas!

Yes Alexi Lalas. The Ginger, long haired, goatee bearded, musician. What a character. What a player.

There was 210 cards in the set with some inserts 3D holograms, International All stars and Postcards from Pasadena. The last two inserts were a way to make collecting the set more interesting for those countries not at the World cup. Another notable feature was that they were bi-lingual. They came in English/German, English/Spanish and English/Italian. If memory serves me correctly they cost £1.99 a pack.
There were three USA squad members who plied their trade in England at the time- John Harkes, Roy Wegerle and Juergen Somer. Also members of the squad were Brad Friedel and Claudio Reyna, they were part of Soccer America?

I will bust two packs.

Pack 1
UD1 'Postcard from Pasadena' Brian Laudrup Denmark (Who were not at this World Cup.)
156 Aitor Beguiristain Spain
168 Terry Phelan Republic of Ireland
36 Frank De Boer Netherlands (with twin brother Ronald.)
57 Jan Eriksson Sweden (Who never actually went because he was injured.)
54 Dunga Brazil (Captain of the winning country, possibly better know for a having a fight on the field with team mate Bebeto in the 1998 World Cup.)

Pack 2
19 Gianluca Paglica Italy
102 Stephane Chapuisat Switzerland
81 Michel Preud'Homme Belgium (Belgium Man-I just want to be swadding well rescued Ford! )
247 An odd card with a crying Paul Ince on the back- just to remind the English they weren't there I suppose.
14 Eric Wynalda USA! USA!
WC8 Enzo Scifo Belgium (An impressive hologram insert card.)

An interesting set of cards that I'm not sure set the world of card collecting on fire.
Again if your interested in some packs I have about 8 more.

Hope you enjoyed.

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kevincrumbs said...

Enzo Scifo is horribly underrated but my favourite out of all of the guys you pulled must be Brian Laudrup. He never got the respect he should've because the prime of his career was spent at Ibrox.