Saturday, August 16, 2008

High School Musical (Topps, 2007)

Chances are if you have children somewhere between the ages of seven and 15 you know High School Musical. You may hate its very existence but at least you know about the billion-dollar 'tween juggernaut that's had two made-for-TV movies thus far and spawned a third film set for theatrical release next month. Both films thus far are complete fluff - garbage at a lot of levels. Yet, I found them strangely entertaining considering they basically Hollywood versions of India's Bollywood films where elaborate singing and dancing numbers about love can happen literally at any moment.

Being a teacher of teenage girls, I picked up a couple of HSM blaster boxes on clearance at Walmart with the idea of breaking up the packs and using the cards as bribes rewards. And to torture APAD readers.

44. Dress to Impress.
Gotta love the happy hands.

47. Ryan's Home Run
Something tells me that if Ryan tries to two-step his way around the baseball diamond he isn't going to score (take that however you like).

24. So Fly!
Is the word "fly" still being thrown around in "cool" circles? Or did it go out and come back in again?

37. In the Summer Spotlight
Sharpay looks way too color coordinated.

Puzzle Sticker 2. Breakin' Free

Old school! I loved making Topps puzzles back in the day. But alas Troy is pointing and laughing at me. Or is he pointing at you for making it this far into a High School Musical  pack break.

Sticker 20. So Hot!
So let me get this straight - wear a baseball shirt and you're fly, wear a T-Shirt and a suit jacket and you're hot.

Sticker 19. Dreamy Troy
Troy is layering his outfit. A dress shirt has joined his T-shirt and jacket from the previous sticker. That makes you dreamy.

So maybe this set isn't exactly for me, but I think that's the point. The hobby is dominated by guy folks. This is a simple set that's not only aimed at the under-served young peoples market, but the female side at that. I've also always been a fan of different types of cards making up a set. Here you get cards, puzzle stickers and regular stickers. Other possible inserts include felt and sparkly stickers and memorabilia cards from Troy and Chad. I preferred the Pee Wee's Playhouse set from the pre-movie theater incident Paul Reubens days. You got cards, stickers, a lenticular mini card and an activity card all in one pack.


Anonymous said...

If you're a teacher of teenage girls, you've probably already missed the boat. My nine-year-old students love this tripe! Eight to ten is the wheelhouse for this franchise.

Ryan Cracknell said...

Some of mine are a little behind in the times. It takes "cool" to trickle down a little slower into rural Canada. That said, yeah, it's not AS big, but the issue of Rolling Stone with Zac on the cover is still as popular as any J13 or Tiger Beat that they bring with them.

capewood said...

I have a 23-year-old and a wife who love this stuff. I'm just staying out of it.

--David said...

I have a 6-year old, and she is VERY much into HSM, HSM2, HSM3, HSM4-billion, etc etc.

I am almost ashamed to say that she even has the HSM Wii game and, yes, we all sing along... As a friend of mine once said, I "can't carry a tune in a 55-gallon drum with a locking lid." Just thought I'd share that...

jackplumstead said...

I have twin 6 year old girls who love High School Musical.