Monday, August 25, 2008

Bully for Blasters: 2008 Upper Deck Goudey 2/8

Last time, I hit the jackpot. Will there be a letdown in pack two? Most certainly. But to what extent? To be

39 Luis Aparicio - Little Looie won a World Series with the Orioles in 1966, but he's pictured with the White Sox. Everything is as it should be, actually.
Luis Aparicio by you.

169 Raul Ibanez - Is on pace for his third straight 100-RBI season. For serious.

117 David Wright - The most famous D.W. this side of Marc Brown books.

55 Troy Tulowitzki - I have opened three packs of Goudey (including one from last year). I have gotten both Tulo base cards.

100 Chin-Lung Hu RC - His season has been hampered by vision problems, which sounds scary.

48 Joe Morgan - The watchword is "consistency".

178 Carlos Pena - I'd be even happier for the Rays' success if they hadn't just switched to those lame generic-looking uniforms.
Carlos Pena by you.

YSL5350 Kevin Maas Yankee Stadium Legacy: 04/28/1992 - Hahaha, my first YSL insert is the biggest flash-in-the-pan in Bomber History. Future Yankee free-agent bust Kevin Brown shuts down the home team 1-0, as the Rangers win. For a Yankee hater such as myself, this is a fine card.

Okay, no autographs or short prints, but I'm a sucker for the retired-player cards, and now my dark curiosity about Yankee Stadium Legacy has been satisfied. Not bad.

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The Duckman Says said...

Yes! Another yankee hater!