Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bigfoot Sighting!

With all this talk of frozen yeti costumes and such, I thought I'd make like Encyclopedia Brown and get to the bottom of the legend of Bigfoot, A Pack a Day style. Two decades ago a company named Leesley put out a set entitled Bigfoot and offered to explain the story, the myth, the machine. Wait a second, this pack isn't about Yetis and beasts who gobble up seals for breakfast, kittens for lunch and cute puppies for dinner. This is about that truck that was never had the street cred Gravedigger did but had a better marketing team and got a cartoon out of the deal.

We'll start with a bad scan of an unopened pack. Five cards all about the "original monster truck." Let's get crushing.
013. Bigfoot 1
Oooooooo, it goes through big puddles. Give this truck a toy. All sarcasm aside, cool picture, bad design. Bigfoot and its monster truck brethren are meant to be tough machines capable of flattening anything in its path. The baby blue borders don't read "TOUGH" to me.
On the flip side, I'm digging the simple design on the back. It has a definite early-90s SkyBox feel to it. My one complaint is the text reads a little to much like propaganda. But what are you going to do when you have a set dedicated to one truck.
043. Bigfoot Tundra
A really big monster truck crushing another monster truck. It's like being bullied by the bully in high school all over again.

032. Bigfoot
I have to say, I'm kind curious as to what kind of race that brown 2 car was in. I'd also go out on a limb and say Bigfoot won (or was a poor sport about not winning). 

022. Bigfoot 3
Such destruction. I can smell the gas fumes. I think I just let out a nostalgic flip of my one-time faux mullet as well.
083. Bigfoot
The pack finishes with a double take of two Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) charging through the big puddle. I wonder if one is Bigfoot and the other's Bizarro Bigfoot?
I was hoping for more crushing and a little less puddles. Going by this lone pack of a cheap product, perhaps the monster trucks are best left for the racing equivalent of a freak show and not plastered on cardboard.

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