Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Fathead Tradeables: 2008 Inaugural NFL Edition

So I went to Target during my lunch to spend money that I shouldn't spend and I hoped that they would finally have A&G and Goudey retail. Alas they did not, so I browsed around a little trying to find something to write about and that is when I found Fathead Tradeables. I had read that these were coming out online and I have always admired the large ones from afar but I was always scared away by the ridiculous prices. In this case it is $12.99 for a pack of 5 so I figured I would give it ago.
All of the boxes that were there had different players on it, I decided to go with the one of Randy Moss and I hoped that it would bring me good luck. I am a huge Pats fan.

So I open it up and inside there is a plastic pouch with the fathead logo on it. I turn over the first card and find. A8 - Adrian Peterson(the good one) so far so good. I like to see him run with the ball, but he concerns me, I think that he might get injured to much and may turn out to be a disappointment to people who waste high Fantasy Football picks on him

G52 - Fred Taylor - I will be honest with you I do not really have an opinion on him

G82 - Drew Brees - I was listening to Mike and Mike the other day and Marcellus Wiley told a story about how when Drew was first in the league he supported Doug Flutie as the starting QB over him. It sounded like they really haven't talked to each other since.

H10 - Broncos - I am not a Broncos fan at all I am not sure what trash can I should throw this away in.G4 - Tom Brady - I guess I do not have to spend anymore money on the Fatheads, all I wanted was Tom Brady and I got him.

Overall this is a fine product, overpriced if you ask me I would rather just be able to buy one of them and know that I am getting who I want. Tom Brady has already found a home at my desk if anyone wants any of the others I am always open to trades, just drop me a line


--David said...

I don't collect football at all, but would love a Steelers helmet. I almost bought a pack of these at Wal-Mart the other day, but passed. I'll just pick it up eBay rather than waste my money. there are too many OTHER packs that I can accomplish that!! :-)

dayf said...

If A&G doesn't get to Target soon, I'm going to go crazy. I just don't have $105 for a hobby box right now.

IkesCards said...

I posted this elsewhere... Kmart has A&G blister packs for $2.99. Picked up six packs yesterday and ended up with 3 regular 6 card packs (5 base + mini) and 3 what I'll call "hit" packs (4 base, 1 base SP, 1 mini, 1 state... and 2 of the 3 had a checklist to boot).

Jinxo56 said...

Target should get them soon. I bought a box of A&G yesterday at Wal-Mart. They also had Goudy boxes.

kpking3032 said...

you can ebay the ones you don't want. You'll get like 5 or 6 bucks from it....Or just send me the Broncos one because u are a nice guy