Thursday, August 07, 2008

2007 Bowman Heritage

Although I didn't buy a lot of this product last year (I think one blaster box and a handful of loose packs), I like the set. The fronts are very clean (although maybe too clean since the player's name isn't on the front). The packs contain 8 cards. Every pack has a Rainbow Foil parallel and two Prospect cards.

# 74 - Eric Chavez
#150 Derek Jeter. Do I have to say anything about Jeter? It's the best card in the pack.

#227 John Danks. Danks was a 1st round draft pick in 2003 by the Rangers. He is in his second year with the Sox. His first year wasn't too impressive but he is 8-4 this year so far. Danks represents a disturbing trend in baseball, the appearance of players who are younger than my oldest son. How can this be? This card is also a short print. Cards numbered 180 and above have a non-signature variation. These were inserted at a ratio of 1:3 packs, so this was a lucky pull. I didn't realize these existed until after I'd boxed this set up for storage. I had to haul them out to see what I had.
#195 John Lackey Rainbow Foil. Another lucky pull. Notice there is no signature. I didn't realize that these short prints extended to the parallel set.

# 35 Michael Saunders Prospect. Saunders hasn't made it out of the minor leagues as yet. The back of the card says that his nickname is "Mike". How odd.

Rounding out the pack we have:

#33 Scott Lewis Prospect. This guy isn't listed in so I know nothing about him except he's with the Indians.

#11 Brian Roberts

#79 Richie Sexson. Richie is batting 0.313 in 13 games after being signed by the Yankees. His career looks to have been in a long decline. Maybe he can go out in style with the Yankees.

Under my convoluted scoring system I give this pack a score of 12. Hurting is that there were no Phillies or Astros and no memorabilia cards. But I didn't have any of the cards in the pack, and the non-signature Rainbow Foil was welcome. The 2007 Fleer pack I opened last week got a score of 14.

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madding said...

I bought a few packs of those last year as well. It's a nice set. I believe the rainbow foil sig vs. no sig variations are supposed to be in equal amounts, unlike the base cards.