Sunday, August 24, 2008

'08 Allen & Ginter box break- Part Deux

For those of you who do not remember Part One, click on the link and review. When you come back, read on for the second box break review.

A much better box "hit wise" than the last one. And unlike the first box, no duplicates of any kind. I've heard of bad distribution in this set, so I purchased box #2 from a completely different seller in a different part of the U.S.

It didn't work. In total with the two boxes, out of 288 base cards, I ended up with 87 duplicates. Including 6 out of 24 SP's.

The hits for box 2?

Carl Crawford - Rays : game used bat

Chase Utley Phillies: game used jersey

Lance Berkman Astros: game used jersey

Ervin Santana Angels: Autograph

Two rather grumpy looking gentlemen out of the World Leaders subset...

Gilgamesh!!!!! Sweet. And some make believe dude from Team Orange. (no 'stache)

Jackie Freakin' Robinson. Bask in that glow for a moment.
But I'm still short a bunch o' cards, not to mention at least the 3 Braves SP's... All of these cards pictured, and in Box One, are for trade...
There must be some Rays fans(Dave), Angels fans, Phillies fans who are willing to trade for these wonderful cards for some meaningless Braves cards they have kicking around... right?
Plus, anyone wanting to trade base cards to try and complete their set like me... send me your lists....

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MMayes said...

You know that David Bell's grandfather Gus played Major League Baseball. I'll bet you didn't know that K.C. Royals' pitcher Gil Meche's stone-faced namesake great-grandfather played, also.