Monday, August 11, 2008

2008 Topps Allen and Ginter

This is part of a $19.99 blaster box break [seven packs plus one extra] from Target - I like the cards to get signed randomly in-person/through the mail, but it is such a set builder's product, sometimes it gets boring going through the base cards, inserts, et al.

Pack one [Six cards listed per pack/seven actual]
#164 Jorge Posada
#85 Curtis Granderson
#344 Matt Diaz - short print
#298 Greg Smith - mini
# US 1 Alex Rios - Alabama State Flags insert
#288 Pete Weber - bowler
#293 Pedro Feliz

Pack two [Six cards listed per pack/seven actual]
#100 David Wright
#163 Jeremy Hermida

#348 Justin Masterson - short print
#207 Yuniesky Betancourt - mini
#US 38 Ken Griffey Jr. - Pennsylvania State Flags insert

#144 Grand Canyon - a steep sided gorge

#219 Charles Dickens - novelist

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