Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bully for Blasters: 2008 Upper Deck Goudey 7/8

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm actually moving today. This entry appears via the magical, mystical magic of scheduled posting. My, what a time to be alive.

63 Todd Helton - With his bushy goatee, shapeless, baggy jersey, and handsful of lumber, Todd looks sort of like Larry, the technical director from my college's theatre.

11 Chipper Jones - I'm hearing Skip Caray say his name, in that way that no one else could.

193 Troy Glaus - Ah, Tony LaRussa and his steroid amnesty.

89 Alex Gordon - Another unflattering portrait of a Royal.

46 Sparky Anderson - Nice! From the days when he was known as "Captain Hook" for his quick decisions to remove starting pitchers.
Sparky Anderson by you.

124 Hideki Matsui - If he's known as "Godzilla", does that mean that the Japanese were relieved to see him leave for America?

272 Albert Pujols Sport Royalty - At least I didn't get Elway. I hate Elway.

303 Wade Boggs Sport Royalty - Wade Boggs...goes down smooth.
Wade Boggs by you.


sruchris said...

Kevin, if you have any doubles, I'm working on the set and I still need quite a few. My want/have list is here:

Anonymous said...

Good to the last drop...

Mike S said...

Who's better, Albert Pujols or Pitt the Elder?