Saturday, August 09, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Spectrum

Another pack that I wouldn't normally have purchased. I paid $4 for this pack, which contains only 5 cards from a set that I have no interest in collecting, all in the name of A Pack a Day.

75 - Freddy Sanchez - Boy has this guy dropped off the chart average-wise. .344 in 2006, .304 in 2007, .251 so far in 2008.

68 - Dan Haren - In stark contrast to Freddy Sanchez, Dan Haren's been trending upward the past couple of seasons. The Diamondbacks are pretty satisfied with a 12-5 record, 2.75 ERA and 142 strikeouts this season, and have shown their satisfaction in the form of a 4 year contract extension.

SS-CZ - Carlos Zambrano - Stadium Swatches (#05/15) - OK, so maybe it was worth dropping $4 on this pack. Numbered to 15 with a stripe on the jersey, not bad. Zambrano's having a great year too.
1 - Chris Young - Interesting...33 doubles, 15 home runs and 56 RBI this year for Chris. Unfortunately, these numbers are complimented by a .233 batting average. Does Chris just swing for the fence in every at bat?

40 - Carlos Lee - One of the most under-rated hitters in baseball in my opinion, and he's on pace for a career year.

Not a bad pack, but still a set I have no interest in collecting. The cards are a little too busy for my liking. If there's a Zambrano collector reading this blog I'm willing to part with the Spectrum Swatch card if you make me the right trade offer.


madding said...

Thankfully, Zambrano got lit up for 9 runs (4 HRs) today by the Cardinals. Just had to gloat a little.

capewood said...

And Carlos was having a great year until he was hit on the hand tonight and got a broken finger.

This pack was a jinx.