Wednesday, August 27, 2008

1990 Hoops Basketball

Inspired by my friend Mike over at Bad Wax, I bring you this. 1990 Hoops Basketball Series I.
In 1990, Hoops was the basketball card of choice, unless you preferred the computer generated backgrounds of upstart Skybox. But for genuine action photos... Hoops was it.

First, the pack for posterity.... (that's geniune plastic folks... no wax here)

Lakers Coach and Coach of the Year, Pat Riley....

Orlando Magic guard Scot Skiles. Did I scan Scott's card because he holds the NBA record for assists in one game with 30? No. Was it because this was the year he won the NBA's Most Improved Player Award? No. Was it that he went on to be a head coach with Chicago, Phoenix, and currently Milwaukee? No. It is because at 6' 1" he is the shortest player in the pack.

Mitch Richmond - Golden State
Alvin Robertson - Milwaukee
Joe Klein - Boston
Ken Norman - Clippers
Mel Turpin - Washington
Why is every other card upside down in these packs? Annoying.

Seattle Supersonics Olden Polynice. Seattle does not have a team anymore. What does Martin Crane think of this?
Olden is also one of three 7' players in the pack...
Armon Gilliam - Hornets
Roy Hinson - New Jersey
Mark McNamara - Lakers
Ron Anderson - 76'ers
Jerome Kersey - Trail Blazers
Dave Hoppen - Hornets
and the best card in the pack........... A James Worthy All Star insert!!!! Wow! An insert from 1990!!! (okay, they were one per pack, and part of the base set.) Still, it's Worthy.

I must confess... I have an ulterior motive for posting this pack. I was digging through my garage (I recently moved) and found a box with 6 sealed boxes of this stuff. 3 of each series. I don't collect basketball, but I know a lot of you do. So here it is...
Most of you know I'm a big Braves fan (and Adam LaRoche), so..... send me any Braves cards. Anything. Regional cards, oddballs, stickers...Heck, I'll even expand it to include Blue Jays cards (my father in law loves 'em) Send me whatever, and a pack or two... or three will be on their way to you. And I'll probably find some other goodies to send along...
Want some old basketball wax? It's just that easy. Send me an email, and I'll give you my address, then soon, Bird, Magic, MJ, and Olden Polynice may be showing up on your doorstep.
For those of you who already have sent trades to me, or are in the process... relax. Don't stress. Hoops wax is a comin'!


snailmailman said...

How many cards you want for each pack?

Captain Canuck said...

whatever you'd think I'd like my friend. Have fun with it.
I've got enough packs to do a lot of trades with a lot of new friends...

Slette said...

Hey man, I'll gladly send a handful of Blue Jays cards your way. I'm not so much a 1990 Hoops collector (I bought just enough packs to pull BJ Armstrong), but I do collect the Yankees if you have any extras you don't want. If you're interested, look me up: epslette AT hotmail DOT com.

Chemgod said...

All bow to Roy Hinson one of my favorite Nets players!

MMayes said...

I remember being in bankruptcy class in law school when the subject of charitable centers came up. My buddy leaned over to my book and wrote "Dave Hoppen" next to that paragraph. He was a big white nothing that made guys like Jon Koncak look like All-Stars.