Sunday, October 21, 2007

1989 Bowman

More from the Reading 5 packs for $5.

The pack is real wax. This is awesome. Back to being 9 I go...

Paul Assenmacher
Joel Youngblood
Dave Henderson
Frank White
Dick Schofield
Mike Macfarlane
Ted Williams Sweepstakes
Randy Bush
Walt Weiss, Rookie of the Year baby!
Mike Sharperson
Glenn Braggs
John Smiley
Gary Gaetti

A rough pack. Nobody even resembling a Hall of Famer (except Ted Sweepstakes). I don't even know if it is worth taking the stuff off the scanner to scan these.

Now I am going to try chewing the gum.

Pack grade: D


Andy said...

I'd love to see what the wrapped looked's been a long time.

dayf said...

Oh dear lord, don't chew that gum.... I've been opening a bunch of football cards from 1988 recently and some of the gum in there has evolved into an entirely new species of candy.

Andy said...

wrapper i mean...not wrapped.