Monday, August 04, 2008

1987 Donruss Rack Pack (Section 3)

Here is the 3rd and final section of the 1987 Donruss rack pack:

633 Spike Owen - showing on top

502 David Cone - heck yeah, an awesome rookie card from the set!

514 Benny Distefano - I never knew if his last name was pronounced "Di-STEFF-ano" or "Di-ste-FAN-o"

380 Andy McGaffigan - the ball is coming RIGHT AT YOU!

247 Carlton Fisk - Wow, another HOFer. This rack pack is looking pretty awesome.

116 Scott Garrelts - Rocking the eyeglasses

599 Kevin Mitchell - For a brief period in 1989-1990, this was a very desirable card

467 Jerry Willard - in 1986 he had 161 ABs in 75 games. I guess that's a lot of late-game substitutions.

334 Ron Karkovice - How weird to get both White Sox catchers in the same section. Somewhere, Steve is DYING!

201 Steve Trout - The back of the card reminds us that the Cubs signed him to a 5-year deal starting in 1983. Oops.

151 Ernest Riles - The back of the card says he made a strong bid for ROY in 1985. I beg to differ.

162 John Cangelosi - Another White Sox player, and Steve dies a little more. He is really squatting here (Cangelosi, not Steve. Well, maybe Steve is squatting somewhere. I have no idea.)

560 Ed Olwine - yet another rookie in this pack

315 Jamie Moyer - Holy crap: another rookie pitcher, and another really good one. Moyer recently tied for 12th all-time in most wins by a left-hander.

428 Ruppert Jones - that's one too many P's for my liking.
Clemente puzzle pieces 10, 11, and 12.

So, let's tally up this section. We've got one HOFer in Fisk, three other players who were stars for at least part of their careers (Cone, Mitchell, and Moyer) and a whole mess of rookie cards (Cone, Distefano, Mitchell, Karkovice, Olwine, and Moyer...that's 6 altogether.) Can't complain about that, folks.

I got 3 White Sox but I also got 2 Cubs. Maybe Steve made it through this one.


skoormit said...

You don't consider finishing third in the ROY vote (behind Ozzie Guillen and Teddy Higuera) a strong bid?

Andy said...

Well, OK, he got the votes, but his performance wasn't really that worth. That's what I meant.

skoormit said...

It doesn't look much like Ryan Braun's line from last year, but it's pretty good for a rookie shortstop in 1985. Ernie had a .286/.339/.377 line, and lost to Guillen's .273/.291/.358. I'm not sure if Ozzie had a reputation as a better fielder, but from the batting lines it looks like Ernie got jobbed out of the hardware.

Steve Gierman said...

If Harold Baines would've been in there, you would have had all three of the players I loved on the White Sox in 1986.

NickL said...

the cone card is a beauty

Unknown said...

Ah yes, the Kevin Mitchell card. I remember being about 7 years old at a card show and seeing that card. I begged my Dad to buy it for me. Good times.

Andy said...

By the way Steve, I *DID* pull Harold Baines in section 2 of this same rack pack, posted earlier!

William said...

I never knew APAD had so many Ernie Riles supporters.

Steve Gierman said...

Fisk, Cangelosi and Baines in the same rack pack. That's insane!