Sunday, August 03, 2008

2006-07 Upper Deck Be a Player

I love reading A Pack A Day, so I'm thrilled to post here. I live in Las Vegas and I enjoy collecting pictures of little men. I bleed Cardinal red and believe that Albert Pujols just might be Jesus. Despite my baseball love, I'm bringing some hockey to APAD today. Be a Player promises one autograph in every pack; let's see if I pulled someone awesome or someone not so awesome.

UC29: Up Close & Personal w/Marc-Andre Fleury's Caterpillar Eyebrows (#359/999)

His favorite band is Nickelback and his favorite comedian is Jim Carrey. Additonally, his favorite book is the Bible, Jarkko Ruutu is his best friend in hockey, and he'd most like to meet Elisha Cuthbert. Wait, that's Leaf Studio.

#85 Jamal Mayers

Pictured as a white St. Louis Blue here, Mayers is currently a black Toronto Maple Leaf.

#37 Ryan Smyth

Captain Canada is pictured as an Islander - he played 23 games for them. Now a member of the Colorado Avalanche, where heart and grit = 5 years, $31 million.

#49 Joe Sakic

Did you know that Joe Sakic has never missed a penalty shot in his career? Neither have I!

BAP Signatures: Craig Conroy

Here's a full list of the autographs in this set. I could've done a lot worse than a former Blue. Anyone else think it's weird that only one Sedin brother has an auto in this set?

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