Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2008 Goudey Blaster Pack-akkake! #4

Pack #4

Aaron Rowand
Alfonso Soriano
Juan Marichal
Delmon Young
Paul Konerko
Scott Rolen
Billy Wagner
Melvin Mora

One of the unintended, albeit positive, consequences of UD losing the CMG contract to Topps, is that it allows other Hall of Fame and HOF-caliber players -- those you don't normally see that much -- into sets like this. Already, I'm only four packs into this blaster and I've pulled cards of Whitey Ashburn, Eddie Mathews, Tom Seaver, Bob Feller, Jack Morris, and now Juan Marichal.

Topps: You can have your Mickey Mantle, I'll take Whitey and Juan Marichal.

Speaking of Marichal, about the only thing missing from this pack was a card of Pedro Martinez to go with it.

A lot of ex-Phightin's in this pack: Rowand, Rolen, and Wagner. Aaron Rowand is a rarity, an athlete who left Philly and is still beloved by the Phans.

Geez, I wonder why.

Rolen and Wagner? Not so much.

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capewood said...

Rowand broke his nose on that catch. He was with the White Sox in 2005 when the Sox downed the Astros in the World Series. I liked the looks of him in the Series and was glad when I heard he was going to the Phillies in 2006.