Saturday, August 02, 2008

2007 Fleer

I'm not sure that A Pack a Day needs another contributor but they were kind enough to let me in so here I am. Some of you may know me from Capewood's Collections or Things Done to Cards. These cards came in a box of packs put out by Vintage Sports Cards, Inc. It contained 16 packs of cards and a separately packed autograph or relic card. So I've got enough fodder for this blog for a few weeks. I'm going to score each pack I open based on a complicated formula involving how many of the cards I didn't have, how many Phillies or Astros were in the pack, how many inserts, etc. I'm not going to explain it any farther than that.

Let's get started. This pack has 10 cards and was priced at $1.59. It says on the front "Pull Two RCs and One Rookie Sensation per pack, on average". The wrapper features Ken Griffey, Jr. on the front. The cards do not have any sort of coating or foil.

#347 Jose Diaz - One of the 2 rookie cards. Jose has two years in the majors, 2006 with the Royals and 2008 with the Rangers and has 7 and 2/3 innings under his belt. He doesn't appear to have played in 2007, even in the minors.

#63 Jose Lopez - 2 Joses in a row.

#163 Nomar Garciaparra - Ok, a player I collect and I didn't have the card.
#350 Dennis Sarfate - My second rookie. Dennis is on his third team in three years (Brewers, Astros, and Orioles). I don't remember any of the 8.3 innings with Houston He even won a game for the Astros.

#269 Aramis Ramirez
#286 Mike Lowell
#5 Ramon Ortiz

One note on the back of these cards. In the upper right is a large number, which at first look, seems to be the card number. No, this is the player's uniform number. The card number is in much smaller print on the upper left.

# 120 Bobby Abreu Fleer Mini Die Cuts - This is a parallel set. The cards are the same as the regular cards except that the white border is cut off.

#RS-BB Boof Bonser Fleer Rookie Sensations - The insert cards are finished like the base cards but the Fleer logo and the name of the insert set is in gold foil. Boof (Boof?) was a 1st round draft pick by the Giants in 2000. After three seasons (including 2008) with the Twins he is 18 and 24 with an ERA of 5.24.
#IZ-KG - Ken Griffey, Jr. - I'm not a set collector. Instead, in a set like this, I like to get a bunch of the base cards and at least one of each of the insert cards. The insert cards were pretty easy to get in this set since there were at least two insert cards in each pack. So I was happy to see this card since I didn't have any of this insert set.

No Phillies, no Astros, no relic or auto cards, but an insert I didn't have and most of the base cards I didn't already have. So this pack rates a score of 14.

2003 Stadium Club Born In The USA Tino Martinez

This was the relic card in the box. I was excited to see this. I've been collecting this insert set since 2003. There are 50 cards in the set. I was under the mistaken idea that each card would represent a different state (50 cards, 50 states) but I was wrong. But I like the set anyway. I alread had 43 of the cards so the odds that this card would be one I didn't have weren't good, but surprise, it is one of the 7 I'm looking for. Cards from this set are fairly common on eBay but I've never seen the 7 I'm looking for. So this was a great bonus card. Nomar's card is another I'm looking for and its' on eBay right now. I'm holding off bidding until it gets a bit closer to the end.

Thanks for looking.


--David said...

Cool insert. I hadn't seen those before! Now, of course, I'll have to see if there happen to be any Tribers in there... :-)

capewood said...

The only Indian is Jim Thome.