Saturday, August 02, 2008

2008 Goudey

I told myself I wasn't going to buy any of this stuff, as I'm still quite a few short prints away from completing last year's Goudey set. But, I was at the card shop last night picking up a couple packs of Upper Deck Series II (the UD base set is my favorite set of the year so far and the only one I'm trying to complete) and curiosity got the best of me.
129 - Derek Jeter - Apparently Derek Jeter has nothing to say about himself. I wonder if Ken Griffey Jr.'s card has "Derek Jeter says..." on the front?
77 - Hanley Ramirez - The Ramirez that the Marlins were able to get from the Red Sox. I know he's a hell of a player but I'd still make that trade any day since it brought a second World Series championship to Boston.
25 - Dustin Pedroia - Nice. Dustin is a fun player to watch. He seems a little cocky but the fact that he's 5'9" just makes that character trait funny to me.
155 - Chris Young
72 - Magglio Ordonez
20 - Jeremy Guthrie - Great young pitcher, but unfortunately I always remember him as the guy who was robbed of a victory in one of the worst collapses I've seen in a good long time (sorry Kevin).
150 - Ralph Kiner - Very cool card, thumbs up to Upper Deck for deciding to include the players of yesteryear in the regular base set this time instead of short printing them all like last year.
278 - Barry Sanders - Great way to end the pack! I'm ashamed to admit that this is the only football card that I actually own. I know some people aren't thrilled about the inclusion of non-baseball cards in the regular set (albeit short-printed), but if I was going to pull a football card this one's not half bad. The man who provided some of the greatest NFL highlight films of all time.

All in all a pretty good product. No red and green back variations, I like the larger size cards, and again the fact that the retired players are not short printed is great.


Anonymous said...

This set makes me wonder...

If you're a Derek Jeter Super Colector, do you have to have every card in this set to feel complete?

Kevin said...


Ouch, the MDM. We have to use the acronym in Baltimore because even calling it the Mother's Day Massacre is too painful. On the bright side, it was a major catalyst in getting Sam Perlozzo out of here. I am a big Dave Trembley fan.

madding said...

Look at Jeter's face on his card. It's frightening.

I think the fact that Jeter/Griffey don't actually "say" anything on the back ruins the set for me. I still like last year's Goudey, though, despite the non-standard size.

shoeboxlegends said...


I definitely agree that Perlozzo was a major contributing factor in that loss. It was a kneejerk reaction to take Guthrie out after a single runner reached, on a throwing error no less.

Also, it's funny to me that you refer to it as the Mother's Day Massacre. People in Boston call it the MDM as well, but it's short for Mother's Day Miracle. It's all relative I guess...