Friday, August 01, 2008

2007 Upper Deck Series 1

So I am new to Pack a day, I hope that I will be able to contribute. I went to Target today during lunch hoping that they would have some Allen and Ginter, but alas they did not so after scrounging through the bargain box I came away with a 2007 Upper Deck Series One for only 1.59. I have never really collected this set before but I can always put them in my trade box or give them to my Father in Law.

So onto the Pack
351 - Matt Kemp - Good young outfielder I wish that he was the one coming to Boston instead of Jason Bay
306 - Jamey Carroll - as a Rockie, he is now with the Indians hitting a respectable .276
104 - Cliff Lee - I always drafted Cliff Lee for my Fantasy Baseball team and thought that it would be his breakout year, this time I ignored him and he will probably go home with the CY Young.
172 - Chen-Ming Wang - I will be honest with you I am a Red Sox fan so since this is a Family Friendly Blog I will just not comment.
240 - Frank Catalanotto
26 - Vinny Rottino - A Rookie Card, it would appear from a quick search on that he is still in the minors.
433 - Eliezer Alfonzo

CRTG14 - Cal Ripken and Tony Gwynn - Nice card, two of my more favorite players, I thought I would look up the Beckett hypothetical price on this card, but the website appears to be locked for some Beta testing. I hope this new layout is everything they say it will be.
Scoreboard Challenge Card - I am going to assume that this has expired and even if it hasn't I don't think I would ever want to meet Derek Jeter.

Overall it was a good pack of cards considering it was retail and had probably been sitting there for a year and half. I am not a huge Upper Deck collector so these will probably just sit around until I finally organize all my cards like I keep claiming to my Fiance I will.


Anonymous said...

Giving unwanted cards to your father-in-law. Classic.

Steve Gierman said...

Nice post. Nice move with the unwanted cards. :)

dayf said...

I feel your pain. I keep going to Target hoping for an A&G blaster but they still haven't arrived.