Tuesday, February 05, 2008

1988 Donruss Pop-Up All Stars

I'm kind of worn out after yesterday's festivities, but I just had to share this pack with you. I got this pack for a quarter and I paid 26 cents too much for it.


Stan Musial puzzle 46, 47, 48
John McNamera Pop-Up
32 Checklist 1
64 Checklist 2
44 Willie McGee
20 Mike Witt
53 John Franco

I knew when I pulled the McNamera pop-up I was in trouble, but good Lord. One checklist is bad but TWO is just cruel. The players are three of the more non-star all-stars you'll ever see. I suppose I could have gotten Ozzie Virgil, Matt Nokes and the card of Oakland stadium, but Willie McGee as the best card in the pack sure ain't great. Even the Musial puzzle piece is lame, I got his right sleeve, oh goody. The only thing I can see a pop-up card of a manager is good for is target practice for your Red Ryder BB gun. You'll shoot his eye out! Of course even my bad luck is good, imagine if I ripped a pack of some big money product like Sportkings and done this badly. Oh wait, Sportkings is already this crappy, nevermind. Well there you have it, my lousy pack. I gotta rip something while I wait for '08 Topps to come out.

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Captain Canuck said...

I think it's time for everyone's favourite game; Brave or No Brave.