Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl Prediction: 1987 Topps vs. 1995 Uxxxx Dxxx

Second Quarter. Giants have a field goal lead and a pack of 1987 Topps. The Patriots adjust after falling behind and counter with a pack of 1995 Upper Deck.

1987 Topps
293 Donnie Shell gum damaged
246 Doug Betters
112 Joe Montana
383 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
347 Leslie O'Neil RC
204 Steve Jordan
129 Freeman McNeil
1000 yard club 15 Bill Brooks
28 Pepper Johnson
32 Gerald Willhite
38 Rulon Jones
137 Marty Lyons
131 Al Toon
55 William Perry
96 New England Patriots

Joe Montana is an automatic Hail Mary bomb from Eli to Plaxico for 7. It's a shame Topps chose Joe having a drink and bullshitting on the phone for the photo on this card. Donnie Shell is also on the phone on his card. Get off the phone, you're playing football! If I may be so bold, I'd like to say the photography is crap. That is all except for Refrigerator Perry. That's one of the best cards of all time. Field goal for Fridge. The Giants have another card in this pack, Pepper Johnson. Pepper is actually a coach for the Patriots now, so I can't give him a touchdown. A field goal will work. The Leslie O'Neil rookie and Bill Brooks insert don't do too much for me. This pack would be a total disaster for the Patriots if they didn't make their presence known with a team card in the last card of the pack. That nullifies one of the field goals. Ten more points for the Giants' offense.

1995 Upper Deck
253 Junior Seau Electric Diamond
255 Garrison Hearst Electric Diamond
271 Bernie Parmalee242 Jim Harbaugh
240 Deion Sanders
134 Dan Wilkinson
102 Roosevelt Potts
18 Rashaan Salaam star rookie
32 Calvin Williams
59 Randal Hill

Junior Seau is a) a star b) is a current Patriot and c) hilariously just murdered Drew Bledsoe on the card, so this earns a TD for the Pats. Two more favorites of mine earn the Pats a field goal, Bulldog Garrison Heart and Deion Sanders. Seeing Deion in that Niners uniform makes me very sad. The rest of the pack is lackluster and I'm probably overrating the pack to be honest. Just four years removed from the brilliant looking '91 set the photos are starting to look dark and grainy. The Salaam rookie should probably cost the Patriots a touchdown just by himself, but that's now how the game works.

Score at the half: Giants 20 Patriots 17


burnsee2 said...

I have my money on the patriots to make a comeback in the second half.

AlbuqwirkE said...

The Fridge is looking particularly satisfied after having just finished eating his telephone and a fax machine that he found behind the bench.

Unknown said...

I agree with your Salaam comment. While he can't negate any of the Patriots' points in that quarter, something must be done. Perhaps a two-card penalty for the next pack (top and bottom card?)