Friday, February 29, 2008

2008 Topps Heritage

No one has posted a pack today on A Pack A Day, and I figured I'd better jump in so we live up to our name. I'm worn out, my tooth hurts from a dentist's appointment (the damn thing sure didn't hurt this morning) and quite frankly I don't feel like thinking up something witty about cardboard right now. I'm going to swipe a pack from one of my box break posts and recycle it.

Pack 5:
271 Andy Phillips
251 Alex Gonzalez
203 So Taguchi
478 Jason Bay
294 Jay Payton
291 Pitching Partners
BF7 Brooks Robinson Flashbacks
350 black Jimmy Rollins

The first thing that struck me from this pack: Alex Gonzalez played for the Reds?? I can't see him in anything but Marlins teal and the red uniform with matching red border threw me. Then I saw So Taguchi in a Phillies cap and the mind blowing was complete. Jason Bay's #478 in the middle of the pack blew my all high numbers theory for short prints. I got my first legit insert card, a Brooks Robinson Flashbacks.Not a big fan of the design, it's just different enough from the base cards to look off. The Nationals' Pitching Partners card amuses me. The way they are standing together (or are photoshopped together) makes it look like they are taking one last look around the dugout to make sure no one's there before making out. When this break is done I might have to go back through the set and see what players are on the original cards these combos are patterned after. The unnecessary computer photo manipulation is heavy in this pack but J-Roll's photo looks good. I wish the whole set were like that.

Yeah I know. It's lame and cheap and a total gyp. Too bad. I'm tired.

Ain't it a crying shame?

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Now I'm crying.