Monday, February 25, 2008

PACK WAR - 1988 Donruss

Somehow I managed to rally from behind and take last week's battle. A rag tag band of misfits ganged up to destroy the best card in the set. Hey, I ain't complaining. Now it's all tied up, we're both bloody and bruised and facing off mano a mano like two kung fu masters. Of course we're battling 1988 Donruss this week so it will likely end up more like this:

Campaign 5: 1988 Donruss

Dayf's pack:

Stan Musial Puzzle - 55, 56, 57
BC-21 Don Mattingly - aww yeah, starting off the pack with a Donny Baseball non-insert insert.
320 Kent Hrbek - I've always wanted to get Kent's autograph in person. That way when he's signing the card I can grab his leg and dump him on his ass to see how he likes it.
110 Wally Joyner - Wally!
235 Bill Doran - Wow, another solid 80's minor star with the epic Astro rainbow sleeves. When is this pack going to start sucking?
618 Gene Garber - Gene just doesn't look right in anything but a Braves jersey.
455 Dave Meads - FINALLY. A bum. This is the '88 Donruss I know and love!
20 Mark Langston Diamond King - Dick Perez goodness.
111 Bob Forsch - I didn't know he pitched TWO no hitters...
51 Roger Clemens - there is a 93.7% chance that this card will one day be the guaranteed star card in a TriStar pack.
44 Gary Thurman Rated Rookie - forget the rest of the pack, this card beats Thorzul by himself. Don't believe me? Tell it to Zeus.
67 Ken Oberkfell - w00t, a Brave
601 Jose Mesa - Look at the size of Joe Table's head! It's got it's own weather system! The Jheri curl and unfortunately designed Orioles cap sure aren't helping matters.
185 Luis Aguayo - coming down from the awesomeness
234 Jose Oquendo - Not a bad player for the Cards
582 Rene Gonzales - Another Oriole with the cartoony hat to finish up the pack.

Thorzul's pack:

Stan Musial Puzzle Pieces 13, 14, 15
475 Dave Anderson
474 Joel Skinner
473 Dave Clark (Man, this numbering is getting fishy.
Let's see if #472 is next.)
472 Dave Stewart. (Sho 'nuff. At least it's Stewart.
Whenever I think of Oakland's elephant mascot,
Stewart pops into my head. No Stomper here, but at
least we get an eyeful of that gorgeous green.)

470 Dale Mohorcic. (This is getting ridiculous now.
I swear I didn't just reach into a factory set and
pick a consecutive string of cards. This is an actual
pack, people.)
41 Jody Reed Rated Rookie. (Okay, the string has been

469 Paul Kilgus (Kind of looks like how Will Ferrell
might play a role in a baseball movie. Don't think
this won't happen, people.)

468 Hubie Brooks (I suddenly have an urge for some JELL-O
Pudding Pops

467 Steve Ontiveros
466 Bill Pecota (Ugh, it's happening again.)
465 Andy Allanson
464 Tim Crews
463 Dan Pasqua
462 Oil Can Boyd (WOO-HOO! Sequential numbering has
paid off at last! A guy nicknamed after his ability
to pound beer after beer! That's the way you end a
pack! Big ups to Donruss for not listing him as

Thorzul's Final Thoughts:
1988 Donruss always looked to me like one of those
school photo backgrounds that appealed to white trash
families. You know, the ones with pink and blue
lasers zinging behind the child's head. This set
always bored me, but that was a fun pack to open.

There's the packs now VOTE FOR TEH WINNAR!!!


Bo said...

I remember it being very common for a few years, I would guess 1987-1990, for Donruss packs to come sequentially. Led to a lot of dupes if you happened to get the same sequence, say the 240s and 250s, in 2 or 3 packs.

Kevin said...

Dayf wins, although Thorzul gets kudos for bringing up those awful laser backgrounds. I think I only got photographed with those once in grade school...

Andy said...

dayf's pack is SO much better than I feel the need to vote for Thorzul so he avoids the shutout.

MMayes said...

Dayf wins.

The sequential numbering in the Donruss packs also goes to show they didn't have "prize" numbers to go to star players. If they did, you'd at least know you'd get some type of good player every 5-10 cards instead of having card number 470 being Dale Mohorcic.

the sewingmachineguy said...

Just found this site. I absolutely LOVE it. Dude, this is pure genius. Keep it going.

¡El Roberto! said...

I got dayf on this one.