Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tinseltown Comes to A Pack a Day

Yes, bitches, YES!

The Milwaukee area is expecting 8 to 16 inches of snow overnight, so there's a possible snow day. On top of that this little item arrived.

I'm a little too giddy right now about its presence in my home that I can't touch the box without giggling. Fully aware that this box might push the blog into a higher tax bracket, you'll probably have to go to Thorzul Will Rule to witness the break. This doesn't mean, however, that none of the packs will be opened here. I guess it's a matter of whether I'm feeling like Charlie Bucket before or after he finds that dollar in the snow. Will I gobble this pack up all in one bite, or will I slowly peel back the wrapper, fully expecting a glint of golden foil to catch my eye?


Captain Canuck said...

and what time will this little treasure be unravelled for all to see???

Chuck said...

I hope you get a TON of snow!!!

Snow days are the best!!!!!!

dayf said...

Oh wow, that pretty damn cool.

I would never open one of those boxes up but I LOVE watching other people open 'em up! Good luck man!