Tuesday, February 12, 2008

1993 Topps Series 2 Baseball

Today's pack came as part of my box-ripping victory gift from dayf.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
444 David Nied
579 Rockies Future Stars -- Jason Bates/Neil Garrett
801 Coming Attraction Jesse Levis

511 Tony La Russa/Jim Leyland

626 Danny Gladden Gold (Danny?)
798 Coming Attraction Greg Blosser
545 Dean Palmer
610 Denny Martinez
600 Bret Saberhagen
614 Brian Williams (NBC News Anchor?)
796 Scott Brosius

756 Mike Henneman
563 Shawn Boskie
637 Greg Myers
465 Tony Fernandez

Grade: B-
Not a spectacular pack, but I might be inspired to try collecting the rest of this. I might have a third or so of the set, so who knows. I'm glad I hung onto all of my old checklists from when I was little (more on this on Thorzul Will Rule) so I don't have to re-catalogue everything. This pack had only three doubles, which is a plus. Thanks dayf!


Steve Gierman said...

Weird White Sox connection with the managers card. LaRussa was manager of the White Sox when Leyland was third base coach. Everyone's taunting me tonight.


Chemgod said...

I knew Jason Bates. Mostly I knew he's never make it in the major leagues. He liked having alot of fun away from the park. Looked foward to the after game parties f you know what I mean.

Mike S said...

The Nied for Speed! Boy, was he ever hyped-up. I loved how many of the Rockies/Marlins cards were apparently shot in some desert setting. I recall being perplexed by something in the background of Rudy Seanez's card.

Kevin said...

Thorzul, let me know if you need any 1993 Topps. I have a bunch to offer:


Luke said...

I like the Larussa/Leyland card. Tony looks like he's on an undercover operation

William said...

1993 Topps is probably my favorite baseball set of all-time [also in the running is 1999 Topps]. The packs were cheap, you got a bunch of cards of people who played maybe 10 games in their careers, and you were guaranteed a gold card in every pack. Pure. Genius.

Unknown said...

just jumpin' in for a non card clarification re. suppan. it's not polictics with him. it's his genuine faith based belief.

As far as cards, I lost all my cool cards from the 60's when my mom threw them out by accident. Dang, might have been millionare.

jumpin back out.

carry on with the card talk.

crepsi boy 74