Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Bowl Hangover Rip: 2005 Topps Series 2

Hey, I hope everyone enjoyed a thoroughly entertaining Super Bowl last night. My roommate is a Giants fan, so we were all happy campers here. I still have a fridge half-full of beer, which speaks to the generosity of my party guests. As I wind down from a great night, let's rip the next two packs of my Legends repack. These are from a 2005 Topps set that has a pretty decent design.

Pack 1:

610 Jeff Bagwell
427 Matt Morris
726 Jason Schmidt Sporting News All-Stars
502 Wily Mo Pena
574 Troy Percival
675 Erik Cordier Draft Pick
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Nothing special in this pack. There is a great shot of Jeff Bagwell's insane super-wide batting crouch. I can't believe he didn't have more groin injuries. Jason Schmidt's fake Sporting News cover has him labeled as a "crafty pitcher", which amuses me somehow. I wish someone would tell Mr. Pena that his named should be pronounced "wiley".

Pack 2:

585 Jacque Jones
431 Mark Kotsay
665 Tampa Bay Devil Rays Team Card
380 Juan Pierre
428 John Halama
475 Jose LimaBoth Jacque and Kotsay are in sweet throwbacks, although Jacque's is way too damn baggy to represent the polyester era. We have a lasting memorial to the "Devil" Rays. The Devil is dead...long live the Devil. Halama was an Oriole briefly in '06, and was sorta okay. Yep, 6.14 ERA strikes me as "sorta okay". Oh, lowered expectations. At least I can snap out of my malaise with a little LIMA TIME!


dayf said...

The real Lima Time:

Chuck said...

It looks like Jaque got Herbie's old handmydowns. Man could the uni be any bigger??