Thursday, February 14, 2008

2008 Topps Series 1 Jumbo Box Break, Volume IV: Son of Jumbo

Happy Valentine's Day, Pack fans! I've got a date...with more 2008 Topps! Wow, there's no way to make that sound less pathetic. I could tell you that I'm meeting someone for dinner on Saturday, but the damage has already been done. Oh well.

197 Melky Cabrera - My roommate believes that Melky and Robinson Cano are life partners. And he's a Yankees fan.
48 Zach Duke
273 Rafael Soriano
162 Andy LaRoche
252 Dmitri Young
106 Josh Bard
149 Luke Hochevar RC
195 Todd Helton - This one's a weird photo. It looks like Todd's jogging back to first in a Sunday game against the Braves after a teammate's hit landed in foul territory.

198 Shannon Stewart
167 Jason Hirsh
185 Yunel Escobar
88 Jack Cust - Ah, Stumblin' Jack. To Orioles fans, he'll always be the guy who tripped over his own feet just a few strides away from an unguarded home plate. Hell of a way to lose a game to the @#$*! Yankees. But I'm not bitter.
6 Felix Pie - I was so disappointed when I found out that his surname was pronounced "Pee-ay".

329 Lou Piniella MGR GOLD 1023/2008 - dayf may say that he looks like a slug, but I think he's just using Homer Simpson's toilet recliner.

254 David Murphy
145 Magglio Ordonez
223 Odalis Perez
289 Justin Ruggiano RC
302 Horacio Ramirez
129 Kevin Hart RC - Apparently he's the guy the Orioles gave up for Freddie Bynum, and he only allowed one run in eleven innings in a September callup. Neat.
134 Matt Stairs
105 Roger Clemens - Whatever happened to that guy?
207 Jeff Kent - He has a bad reputation, but anyone who takes a swing at Barry Bonds is OK in my book.
220 Roy Oswalt
98 Classic Combos: Ryan Howard and Chase Utley
287 Classic Combos: Justin Morneau, Johan Santana, and Joe Mauer
AR8 Andre Dawson 50th Anniversary Topps All-Star Rookie - Nice! Hawk!

MHR530 Mickey Mantle Home Run History #530 - Serenity NOW!
YR57 Todd Helton Year in Review, May 27, 2007: 7 Teams Complete Weekend Road Sweeps
OTG7 David Ortiz Own the Game
TCH6 Alex Rodriguez Trading Card History: T-205

117 Boof Bonser Gold Foil - Such a shame that he'll never pitch to Boog Powell...
45 Dontrelle Willis Gold Foil
67 Wes Helms
237 Eric Wedge MGR
293 Gavin Floyd - He was a stud pitcher for one of our rivals in high school, Mt. St. Joseph. Incidentally, that was Mark Teixeira's school, as well.
102 Ross Ohlendorf RC - Man, the Yanks dug deep for pitching last year.
132 Ramon Vazquez
320 Ichiro
136 Robinson Cano - Too many Yankees!
42 Corey Hart
176 Troy Patton RC - Hey, it's one of the new Orioles, though he's in an Astros uni here.
230 Roy Halladay
125 Tim Hudson
18 J. D. Durbin
182 Billy Buckner RC - Poor Billy looks like he showed up on an off day. The stadium's empty...must be some sort of rookie hazing ritual.


Unknown said...

Actually, I think Pinella's wearing one of these.

Q: How long before he wears an actual Slanket in the dugout.

A: Never, because the Cubs don't play that late into the year.

dayf said...

I don't know what the hell that A-Rod card is supposed to be but it sure ain't T-205.

And I didn't say Piniella looks like a blue slug, I said he IS a blue slug. One of those blue slugs from Futurama that makes delicious Slurm.

Kevin said...

*sniff* Cynthia used to drink Slurm.