Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Let's Rip Some More 2006 Topps Series Two

I'm trying to deny the urge to pick up a box of 2008 Topps Heritage. You're killing me, guys. At least wait a month before picking my pocket again! Anyhow, here's my second pack from the 2006 Jumbo box.

521 Jose Cruz, Jr.
593 Sam Perlozzo MGR - Poor schmuck.
410 Miguel Cabrera
345 Andruw Jones
440 Scott Kazmir
336 Ted Lilly
393 Brian Schneider
637 Conor Jackson RC
391 Casey Blake GOLD 1176/2006 - It's nice to get back to a set that doesn't have lame red back or gold foil parallels. The gold cards actually look different enough and are scarce enough that they mean something.
SC-RS Roger Sherman US Constitution - Heh, he was featured in 1776, a damned entertaining musical.
378 Tony Clark
361 Chad Cordero - This is a great shot of the Chief directing traffic on a popup. In general, the photography in this set is much better than 2008 Topps, I have to admit. 2008 is mostly generic mid-range action shots.

353 Claudio Vargas
459 Mark Hendrickson - This guy used to kill the O's.
595 Terry Francona
539 Juan Rincon
508 Danny Haren
530 Carlos Guillen
512 Eric Milton - One of the rare ex-Maryland Terps to play in the majors. Given his ERA and home run rates, I guess there's a reason for that.
526 Ryan Wagner
450 Derrek Lee
419 Omar Vizquel
Checklist 2 of 3
MHR41 Mickey Mantle Home Run History #41
348 Reggie Sanders - The drawing on the back of a player straining to pack his suitcase sums up Reggie's career quite well.

447 Jacque Jones
424 Tony Womack - When I say "Wo", you say "Mack"...
504 Phil Nevin
643 Willie Eyre RC
532 Scot Shields
416 Roberto Hernandez - Speaking of guys who have been around forever and played for everyone.

426 Dustin McGowan
607 Cubs Team Card
647 Twin Fundamentals: Rondell white and Lew Ford - Twin Fundamentals? That's a stretch.
603 Mets Team Card
606 Astros Team Card

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