Tuesday, February 12, 2008

2008 Topps Series 1 Jumbo Box Break, Volume II: Return of the Pack

Okay, now that I've done my civic duty and voted in the Primary, I'll reward myself and rip another pack. I won't tease you with another lengthy intro.

124 Bob Geren MGR
306 Scott Olsen - He's ol'fashioned crazy, you know.
262 Brett Myers
299 Cesar Izturis
135 Brad Penny
219 Kevin Kouzmanoff
222 Mark Grudzielanek - That's 22 surname letters in back-to-back cards.
139 Johnny Estrada - I think poor Johnny was dropped by eighteen teams this offseason.
50 Jake Peavy
244 Adam Wainwright - No relation to Loudon, for shame.
HR-CM (Game-Worn Jersey) Cameron Maybin 2007 Highlights: HR off Roger Clemens, August 18 - Pulled my guaranteed relic in the second pack. So much for drama, but we can hold out for my first-ever autograph pull. Come on, Markakis...

MMS46 Mickey Mantle Story: April 13, 1965, Mantle's First HR in a season opener - Why did we need two Mantle mirror sets?
233 Jimmy Rollins NL MVP
128 Kenny Lofton: Postseason Highlights ALCS - Kenny is shown sliding into third to break Rickey Henderson's postseason record with his 34th steal. You might remember his first postseason steal, when he victimized the battery of Rube Marquard and Ernie Krueger.
26 Manny Ramirez: Postseason Highlights ALDS
3 Jeff Suppan - And now I've gotten the base cards for the gold foil parallels I got in my first pack. Weird collation.
59 Grady Sizemore: Postseason Highlights ALDS
288 Classic Combos: Ivan Rodriguez and Justin Verlander
25 Kaz Matsui: Postseason Highlights NLDS - Whew, enough with the Postseason cards in this pack.
286 Jeff Clement RC
16 Kevin Gregg - Two Kevins in one pack, go figure.
24 Alex Rodriguez, Magglio Ordonez, and Vladimir Guerrero: AL RBI Leaders - Great photos of all three following through on swings.
58 Matt Holliday, Ryan Howard, and Miguel Cabrera: NL RBI Leaders
61 Alex Rodriguez, Carlos Pena, and David Ortiz - AL Home Runs Leaders
AR41 Albert Pujols 50th Anniversary Topps All-Star Rookie - Albert "Winnie the" Pujols is one of the clubhouse leaders for worst Chris Berman nickname ever. So many candidates, though.
MHR532 Mickey Mantle Home Run History #532
YR59 Carlos Delgado Year in Review, May 29, 2007: Delgado + Reyes + Balks = Mets Win - Oh man, I watched this game. As an Orioles fan, I can't tell you how gratifying it is to watch a classic Armando Benitez meltdown, and this one was amazing even by his lofty standards.

OTG5 Adam Dunn Own the Game
TCH8 Ryan Braun Trading Card History: 1960 Topps - This is one sweet card. That's all.

233 Jimmy Rollins NL MVP Gold Foil
128 Kenny Lofton: Postseason Highlights ALCS Gold Foil - What was I saying about weird collation involving gold foil?
Checklist 2 of 3
39 Yovani Gallardo
325 Jim Leyland MGR - I wonder where he keeps his smokes in that windbreaker.
78 Radhames Liz RC - Whoo! An Oriole rookie, and a longshot for the starting rotation this year. Believe it or don't, he's the second Radhames ever to pitch for the O's. The other 29 MLB teams combined have had no Radhameses.

168 Phil Hughes
174 Julian Tavarez
34 Aaron Cook
33 Joe Mauer - Two words: Man. Crush.
280 Willie Randolph
270 C. C. Sabathia
170 Scott Rolen - You can barely see the duct tape holding him together.
66 Brad Wilkerson
122 Jason Varitek

52 Trevor Hoffman - Lots of solid veterans to close out this pack. I remember pulling Trevor's rookie card from a pack of 1993 Topps. Suddenly I feel very old.

Now the set's starting to fill out. Hopefully I keep getting one Trading Card History per pack, because that's easily the best insert in this set. I'm also oddly drawn in by the Campaign 2008 inserts. No one cares about my personal politics, but if I pull the candidate I voted for, I will let you know. Exciting, huh?


BeeRad said...

Kevin, I have a 2006 '52 Topps Markakis Gold refractor if interested. I really like that Maybin jersey... even though he is now a Marlin. Perhaps we can deal?

dayf said...

Rube Marquard reference for the win!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree on the trading card history, its the first insert set from a case rip that I'm keeping in three years.

Kevin said...

BeeRad - Send me an email: brotz13 - at - gmail.com. I think we can make a deal.

Zpop said...

I was at that game where Maybin hit the home run. That just kind of blew my mind.