Tuesday, February 19, 2008

PACK WAR - 1988 Score

I'm down 1-2 to Thorzul, including two absolute slaughters, but I have an ace up my sleeve. 1988 Score is one of my favorite sets ever and couldn't possibly let me down. Plus Thorzul's battle station isn't fully operational yet and I can blindside him with my elite Score forces.

Campaign Four - 1988 Score

Thorzul's Pack:

22 B.J. Surhoff (A Brewer to start, not too bad.)

38 Chris Bosio (A second somewhat surly Brewer from
the '80s.)
42 Fred Lynn
206 Bo Diaz (Probably the best player ever to be
crushed by his own satellite dish. "Nick at Nite" is
not worth it, kids.)

Editor's Note: The
above comment is in no way sanctioned by A Pack A Day
Industries, its management, or its shareholders. The
opinions expressed here are those of the authors and
do not necessarily reflect the positions of the
Cincinnati Reds. Any resemblance to actual persons,
living or dead, is entirely coincidental. No animals
were harmed in the blogging of this pack. A decent
human being did not write the above comment concerning
Mr. Diaz, but he will be happy to answer your hate
mail in kind. Have a nice day.

214 Greg Gagne (How was he Gag-Nee, while Eric Gagne
is Gahn-Yay?)
111 Glenn "Old Mother" Hubbard
Great Moments in Baseball 47 -- Ted's Wallop Wins Big
227 Doug Sisk

233 Tom Brookens
247 Ken Landreaux
436 Donnell Nixon

333 Ruppert Jones
451 Bob Dernier (Man, this pack keeps getting worse.)
469 Bruce Bochy
471 Eric King
618 Harry Spilman
622 Floyd Bannister
638 Tom Glavine Rookie Prospect (Whew, I think I may
have pulled it out in the bottom of the ninth.)

What the....? A Tom Glavine Rookie card?!? That battle station's operational!


Dayf's doomed pack:

24 Kirby Puckett - Oh my God! Kirby off the bat! I still have hope if I can pull a few more hall of famers! USE THE FORCE KIRBY!!!
36 John Kruk - Sweet! My favorite Baseball Tonight analyst who has a striking resemblance to Augustus Gloop.
44 Drian Downing - 195 home runs people... That's not too bad
201 Sam Horn - every card can't be a star.
219 Larry Sheets - Oh sheets...
116 Bobby Bonilla - A little better, but we need to step it up.
Great Moments in Baseball 16 Nolan Ryan's 5th no hitter - Hall of Famer! It counts, right? Right?
229 Jim Dwyer - Uh oh, not off to a good start in the second half of the pack.
231 Andre Thornton - Stabilize your rear deflectors... Watch for enemy fighters.
249 John Mitchell - They're coming in! Three marks at 2-10!
375 Shane Rawley - It's no good, I can't maneuver!
380 Bruce Hurst - Stay on target.
372 Spike Owen - We're too close!
485 Pete Incaviglia - Stay on target!
490 Frank Tanana - Loosen up!
482 Gary Roenicke - Gold Five to Red leader, lost Inky, lost Bobby Bo.
601 Dennis Martinez - I copy, Gold Leader.
604 Tony Bernazard - It came from... behind!

That's pretty cut and dried, but go ahead and vote anyway on the winner.

See you next time at our next episode of Thorzul kicks Dayf in the junk and laughs PACK WARS!!!


P.J. said...

This is a tough vote. Once Tom Brookens got pulled, I thought for sure Thorzul was a slam dunk.

But then Dayf goes and yanks Kirby, SAM HORN!, Kruk, Shane Rawley... my, this is tough.

Based on who Sam Horn is and based that it goes back to the newer Red Sox Nation and based on how over-the-top said Nation has become, I've made this an easy vote, actually.

Brookens was the ultimate role player and played the game the way it should be played. AND, I've dealt with him many times on a professional level, so bonus points.

My vote goes to Thorzul.

Dinged Corners said...

We thought the Diaz comment was another example of dayf's wry humor. So we looked it up. Ouch.

Close, but our vote goes to dayf.

Kevin said...

I'm going with dayf in an upset! You got two cheesy 80's Orioles in Sheets and Pig Pen Dwyer, as well as several past and future O's (El Presidente, Sam Horn, Inky, Bobby Bo). And Kirby was sorta okay, if Hall of Fame center fielders with a can-do attitude and a round little body are your thing. ;-)

dayf said...

Don't blame the Bo Diaz thing on me... That's all Thorzul! He wrote that! Him, not me!

Ken said...

Thorzul....Glavine gives him just enough.

Dave said...


Kirby Puckett AND El Presidente = win for dayf.

jtanevismom06 said...

Dayf, no matter what your feelings are for Kirby the man that photo of Kirby the player is awesome.

Dinged Corners said...

I misread who wrote the Diaz entry. (It was late.)

Diaz. Brookens. Bonilla. Kirby and Kruk, hm, that is tough. Rendered helpless, I change my vote to "present."

William said...

Very close...I think Dayf's pack is better just because it's got more all-around solid players. A Glavine rookie does not a pack war win...