Thursday, February 21, 2008

Donruss Americana: Final Pack

Yeah, it's about time I get to posting the final pack of this stuff. There's a little bit of everything in this one, but no ladies.

Let's tear in,

Top to Bottom:
23 Mike Huckabee

CS-1 John Travolta Cinema Stars (234/500)
CS-3 William Shatner Cinema Stars Shirt (173/500)

99 Bernie Mac

57 Peter Marshall

Final verdict: This box leaves me wishing this product came out in different series. For me, there's too much of a mix of talent levels to justify its high price tag. This box's hits ranged from a silent film star (Pickford), to a TV/cinema star of sorts (Shatner), to a game show host from Flint, Michigan (Eubanks), to a midget pirate sprinter (Klebba). If T.J. Hooker's your thing, that fine with me, but I'd be more willing to shell out the cash for a similar product again if I could choose a bona-fide "Legends" box, where I have no chance of pulling the mom from 7th Heaven. Bogart, Preminger, Harrison Ford, Monroe, James Dean, Steve McQueen, Ingrid Bergman, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Hitchcock, Jayne Mansfield, Welles, Toshiro Mifune...the list could go on and on...these are what I wanted to pull.

Hope you enjoyed busting these packs with me. I expect to have a full report on my Treasures box break sometime tonight at Thorzul Will Rule.


dayf said...


Best. Hit. OF- the... Box.

dayf said...

Denny Crane.

Steve Gierman said...

No wonder why you put that off for so long. But the ACTING. of. Bill Shatner. does take a... long time. to. get. through.