Saturday, February 09, 2008

State of the Blog Address

Sure, it's a few weeks behind our great nation's, but it seems like a good time to share my views on the status and future of this blog. By no means should any of this be taken seriously; however, I will try to refrain from the use of the word "bitches."

I was not one of the original creators of this blog, nor am I one of the most recent to join. I do not contribute the most posts to this blog, nor the fewest. The cards I choose to share are not the best, nor are they the worst. I am, however, this blog's most faithful observer. Over the past several months since life was breathed into the site, I have become aware of several trends and tendencies of those posting. Let me scroll through the contributors one at a time.

Steve from White Sox Cards: This man loves his team. He loves the bullet holes in his team's stadium that can or cannot be seen from I-94. He loves that he has chosen the correct team to root for in his city, and I'm sure that he pays attention to the game in the way that Sox fans do and Cubs fans do not. Finally, this man loves pulling White Sox cards out of packs. This is a welcome contest that gives all of this ripping a greater purpose.

Chuck: A recent addition to the list of authors, this guy loves hockey.

darkship: A mysterious phantom of a blogger whose name appears on but a single post.

Ben M, Scott, Jason: A couple of contributors back near the genesis of this blog. Not heard from a quite a while.

P.J.: A more recent poster, this guy loves his Phillies. It's too early to tell for sure, but like the TriStar he opened here, he seems like a solid prospect.

Ben Henry and Chris Harris: The grandfathers of this blog, Ben stops by on occasion to rip a few and so does Chris. These men are the Steve Jobs and Bill Gates of card commentary, but are nowhere near as rich (at least not yet). Ben still quests after the perfect pack.

Kevin: Resident nice guy and O's fan. Even when riffing on a player's weight, hairstyle, or all around ugliness, Kevin pulls his punches and shows respect for these men of cardboard that few of the rest of us have. He's also a great guy to trade with, and if I had any 1965 Topps cards, they'd be his by now. All the rest of you, trade with this man!

dayf: This man has no need for capital letters. He's on top of the hobby in a way that is Zen-like in precision and commitment. I admire him because he owns at least one copy of every card printed in any sport (well, maybe not hockey) since 1888. The man has drastically cut condiments out of his diet in order to make way for unopened packs in his refrigerator door. Most people have a little light reading material in the bathroom for when they have to drop a Deuce Staley; dayf has rack packs wound around the TP fixture. Best of all, dayf wants to hobby to put its best face forward at all times. He demands excellence, and expects brilliance, as we all should.

And Thorzul? Well...I guess I've cemented my own role on this blog as well. From aphrodisiac wrappers to insane cards depicting a civilization of hamsters, I suppose I've become the guy who takes this blog in a direction it doesn't necessarily need to go. That's what I hope to continue to do for you, the readers.


dayf said...

In my defense, I don't have *every* card since 1888, and '89 Topps Rack packs are cheaper than Charmin. And oh so absorbent.

dayf said...

Well, except for the All-Star glossy inserts. Ouch.

Chris Harris said...

So does that me Bill Gates? Or Steve Jobs?

Dinged Corners said...

All I know, Thorzul, is that you had us at "Hamtaro."

Anonymous said...

Just call me Steve Gates... or Bill Jobs... or Deep Blue...

P.J. said...

I think I was given the No. 2 overall prospect by Baseball Card America. :)

Wax Heaven said...

Fine, Ben and Chris are Jobs and Gates. I am freakin' Linux!

Steve Gierman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steve Gierman said...

No more bullet holes! They chopped off those top seats when they renovated a few years ago. This is the reason it's no longer Comiskey Park. The "projects" from which those bullets came from are now gone as well.

Very good memory! I'm very impressed at the knowledge of White Sox history. At least no one was hurt with that. I believe it happened when the Sox were out of town.

Had to delete the last comment. It posted before I was finished. :)