Sunday, February 10, 2008

1990 Topps Stickers

Here's one more sticker pack for you all before I go back to opening my box of Topps. Same deal as before, the best side of each card gets posted.

Sticker: 145 Ozzie Smith foil
Card: #7 Bobby Bonilla

Wizard of Oz for the win. Plus I was gonna scan the foil no matter who it was anyway.

Sticker: 53 Shawon Dunston & 194 Tony Fernandez? i think
Card: #67 Checklist

No one wants to see a checklist, right?

Sticker: 103 Bip Roberts & 212 Joey Belle
Card: #17 Kevin Mitchell

I wish someone would upload the Bip Roberts rookie card commercial to YouTube. Is this an Albert Belle rookie sticker?

Sticker: 140 Chris Sabo & 196 Tom Henke
Card: #46 George Bell

I'm happy that I actually recognize who the players on most of these little stickers are this time. Of course it's really, really hard to mistake Chris Sabo for anyone else.

Sticker: 138 Random Reds player & 292 A Twin that I really should know who it is
Card: # 15 Tony Gwynn

Thank goodness for Tony so I don't have to look foolish by not remembering who these guys are on the front.

Ok, tomorrow we're back to our regularly scheduled "cherry pick the best pack out of my 2008 Topps Box so I can show it off and say neener neener, you don't have this while doing my superior dance" program. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!

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dayf said...

I pulled out the SCD to look up the stickers I didn't know:

138 Todd Benzinger
292 Dan Gladden.

Jeez, I should have known Gladden. Mock away, folks.