Sunday, February 17, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Series One Blaster: Packs #7 & #8

Pack #7

Jose Vidro
Corey Hart
Shawn Hill
Scott Dohmann
Bill Murphy (RC)
Orioles Checklist (N. Markakis)
Harvey Garcia

Super Rare StarQuest: J. Reyes

Pack #8

Ryan Madson
Scott Baker
David Weathers
Matt Stairs

Common StarQuest: G. Sizemore

1997 Game Jersey: L. Milledge

Well, I got my designated "hit-in-a-box." A plain-gray jersey card of now-former Met Lastings Milledge.

I know. I too, could hardly contain my excitement. (What do you want for $20-a-box? Autogamers that are actually worth something?)

On the other hand, I pulled a super-duper rare Jose Reyes that's going straight into the ol' trade bait pile.


Captain Canuck said...

It's Daytona!!
Nascar? Anyone?


dayf said...

Brian - I'll take the case!

(if this blog took anonymous comments I could change my name to Harvey Birdman, BUT NO, SPAMMERS HAD TO RUIN MY JOKE)

Friggin Sweet Reyes card though. I wish I had gotten that Milledge instead of the lousy Jacque Jones relic I got in my last blaster.

Chris Harris said...

And those Reyes and Milledge cards can be yours....

... if the price is right. (*cough, cough* Sabathia, *cough, cough*)

dayf said...

Dude, check your e-mail, I told you the Sabathia was yours over a week ago. I was waiting for you to reply to hash out a deal. I also found three '99 cards you need and a Roidy Clemens Diamond King.