Saturday, February 09, 2008

1989 Topps Stickers

Ok, with all the teasing going on today, it's time to actually open an actual pack. I've got another pack of stickers, which is ok, because I'm sure Thorzul's pack is kinda sticky right about now anyway. Here's a pack of 1989 StickerCards. I'll go through it card by card and post a scan of the best side of the card.

Sticker: 157 Darryl Strawberry foil Card: #46 Barry Bonds

It's a choice between drugs up the nose or drugs in the ass. Allegedly. I'll take Strawberry, at least he would be fun at a party.

Sticker: 129 Random Pirate & 225 Random Mariner
Card: #53 Darryl Strawberry

Straw man wins again since I can't tell who the guys on the other side are.

Sticker: 205 Robin Yount
Card: #14 Joe Carter

Hall of Famer all the way. Plus I love the Glove logo.

Sticker: 183 Wally Joyner
Card: #10 Tony Fernandez

I like Wally better than Tony. Don't like it? open your own pack.

Sticker: 74 Dennis Martinez & 316 Some Yankee whose jersey # is 36
Card: # 11 Cal Ripken

Cal in a rout even though this is the only mini sticker where I recognize someone.

Looks like stickers beat cards in this matchup, let's see if cards can make a comeback in tomorrow's 1990 sticker pack.


Mike S said...

Richard Dotson and his sparkling 5.00 ERA wore #36 for the Yankees in 1988.

Luke said...

Who was the random bucco? SiD Bream? R.J. Reynolds? KEN OBERKFELL!!???

dayf said...

For the sanity of our readers, I've pulled out the SCD and looked up the guys I didn't recognize.

129 (random bucco) Jeff D. Robinson
225 Scott Bradley

Mike S. had Richard Dotson correct.