Saturday, February 16, 2008

2008 Topps Series 1 Jumbo Box Break, Volume VI: Cardboard Boogaloo

That's right, two packs in one day, as previously advertised. Why, I've gone mad with power! It's probably just the unbridled glee of a three-day weekend. So let's see how the second half of this jumbo box turns out, shall we?

321 J. R. Towles RC
260 Chad Cordero
49 Orlando Hernandez
235 Rich Harden
2 Barry Zito - Barry's card makes reference to his great durability while dancing around how much money the Giants blew on him last year.
228 Geoff Blum
229 Dustin Pedroia
303 Jose Lopez
259 Emilio Bonifacio RC - Isn't he one of the Three Tenors?
166 Andy Sonnanstine
HA-NJM (Autograph) Nyjer Morgan 2007 Highlights: Over-the-shoulder running catch vs. Houston, September 14 - The holographic auto panel is nice, though Nyjer needs some improvement with that garbled signature. A nice action shot of the highlighted play, too.

C08-JE John Edwards Gold - This is weird. Anyone know why this is gold-colored, but isn't foily like the other gold cards?
C08-DK Dennis Kucinich - Yes, a Kucinich! Don't laugh. He's got some good qualities, and a lot more people would listen to him if he wasn't short and elfin. He also needs to learn that there is no good answer to "Do you believe in UFOs?".

65 Billy Wagner
217 Josh Beckett Postseason Highlights World Series
99 David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez Postseason Highlights ALCS
256 Alex Rodriguez AL MVP
28 Kyle Kendrick
117 Boof Bonser - I just realized that they misspelled it "Bosner" on the front. *slow clap*
45 Dontrelle Willis
258 Classic Combos: Manny Ramirez and Kevin Youkilis - I've had just about enough of Manny for one lifetime.
56 Seth Smith RC
63 Jason Michaels
143 Willie Harris - Double-flap batting helmet? Check.
15 Magglio Ordonez, Ichiro, and Placido Polanco: AL Batting Average Leaders
AR27 Andruw Jones 50th Anniversary Topps All-Star Rookie - Fantastic dirt-stache on Andruw.

MHR531 Mickey Mantle Something or Other #531
YR58 Adrian Beltre Year in Review, May 28, 2007: Franchise-Record 4 extra-base hits vs. Angels
OTG11 Alex Rodriguez Own the Game
TCH7 Mickey Mantle Trading Card History: 1912 C-46 - There's just no avoiding the Mick, but at least it's a cool design.

258 Classic Combos: Manny Ramirez and Kevin Youkilis Gold Foil
56 Seth Smith RC Gold Foil
80 Alex Rios
90 Vladimir Guerrero - Vlad hasn't hit under .302 since his 9-game debut in 1996. Holy crap.
313 Kameron Loe
147 Marlon Anderson
189 Esteban German
200 Manny Ramirez - Four Mannys in one pack? Come ON.
241 Ervin Santana
316 Scott Hatteberg
204 Rafael Furcal
283 Jorge Sosa - On some of these card backs, there are stat lines that read "Bay Rays". Others read "Devil Rays". What?
226 Kurt Suzuki
267 Chris Burke
55 Chris Young - Remember kids, the Rangers traded Young AND Adrian Gonzalez (and Terrmel Sledge for giggles) for Adam Eaton and Akinori Otsuka, who aren't even on the team any more. Bravo, Texas.
81 Ray Durham


Steve Gierman said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed Bay Rays.

Jason T. Carter said...

Are the candidates "bonus" cards, or do they count against the # of cards in a pack? I'm still deadset against them...unless it's Ron Paul of course.

dayf said...

The Candidates count as an insert card in the pack. They are pretty common too, so once you start getting doubles, they can get irritating.

Also, that Mickey Mantle card is not a C46. It's a T-205. The A-Rod card you posted in your last break is a C46. One more screw up by the prrofreederz at Topps.

Voltaire said...

The gold Edwards is the standard gold parallel from previous years.