Saturday, February 09, 2008

More retro puck stuff...

Hey guys,

I will be busting some really sweet mid-80's packs tomorrow and I will bust at least 3 packs here at APAD. I apologize for not posting up here for a while but work (you know that annoying little thing that pays for my runaway card addiction) has been very hectic lately. I will have some new puck stuff arriving in a couple of weeks (07/08 UD Series 2 Hockey, 07/08 Fleer Hot Prospects Hockey) so look for those around the 24th. Hell, by next weekend I may even purloin a few jumbo packs of the new baseball issues.

For some reason, I've been drawn to the sets and wax from the 80's lately. I've managed to collect quite a few Gretzky's, Messiers, Lemieux's and Roy's. Its been a pricey blast,but the thrill of opening some of this stuff can't be beat! The only problem is that my Bob Probert cards keep beating up all of my other cards. I had to drop a few Tie Domi's into the pile to even things out.

So grab your parachute pants, Duran Duran albums and stay tuned for some Mid-80's Puck Mania!!!

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