Thursday, February 07, 2008

2007 Donruss Americana Pack 3

Since receiving this box Tuesday night, I've shown a remarkable amount of restraint. Here is pack 3.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
80 Adam West (As a Batman comic collector, this base card is all sorts of awesome. "Pure...West.")

37 Gilbert Gottfried
20 Debbie Reynolds Proof (194/250) (I seem to be doing well on the throwback ladies. Not a bombshell by any means, but shapely, yes.)

47 Martin Klebba Private Signings (1153/1250) (This pisses me off. What the hell kind of set includes an AUTO card numbered that high?! I'm not even going to scan this here. The man's hand had all but fallen off by the time he got around to signing mine, and it shows. I don't care if he does own the Little Person 100-meter dash record [and no, I'm not making that up; it's 13.84 seconds], show your signees a little dignity, Donruss.)
14 Gail Kim (Now that's more like it! Apparently she is a wrestler of some sort. I'd like to get her in the Camel Clutch, if ya know what I mean.)

Grade: C-
I have to use the standard of what could have possible come out of this pack. Please, please God let this be the worst pack out of the box. I only have one more shot at this.

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dayf said...

Debbie Reynolds: "Not a bombshell by any means"

That's Princess Leia's momma you talkin' about!

Sweet Adam West, and Gilbert Gottfried rules.