Sunday, February 17, 2008

2008 Topps Series 1 Jumbo Box Break, Volume VIII: Enter the Inserts

This is the moment of truth. After a pack in which over one-third of the base cards were doubles, is this box in its death throes? Or can it bounce back, having gotten that stinker out of its system? Onward and upward, intrepid readers.

214 C. J. Wilson
23 Chin-Lung Hu RC
196 Ross Gload
5 Scott Kazmir - I used to work with a Mets fan. Don't bring up Scott Kazmir around a Mets fan.
188 Kei Igawa - Saw him pitch at Scranton-Wilkes Barre last year. I have a feeling that starting games on Montage Mountain was not what he had in mind when he left Japan.
175 Delmon Young Topps All-Star Rookie

87 Maicer Izturis
274 Jermaine Dye
246 Jason Isringhausen
285 Tony LaRussa MGR - Gee, he almost looks sober.
91 Marcus Giles - Marcus doffs his cap to the fans after getting his first hit in two weeks, probably.

199 Adrian Beltre
30 Jimmy Rollins
314 Ian Kinsler GOLD 0575/2008
225 Hunter Pence Topps All-Star Rookie
77 Angel Guzman
261 Josh Barfield
107 Shawn Green - Shawn has 2003 hits, 808 for extra bases. Both of those numbers blow my mind.
209 Andy Phillips
251 Dan Johnson
12 Jason Bartlett
108 B. J. Ryan - I like B. J., and I can't blame him for taking the money and running. $47 million? Who wouldn't take that?
130 Justin Upton - Justin was born in 1987. I...need to lay down.
327 Jake Peavy, Aaron Harang, and John Smoltz: NL Strikeouts Leaders
247 Edgar Gonzalez
161 Matt Garza
AR54 Joe Mauer 50th Anniversary Topps All-Star Rookie
MHR536 Mickey Mantle Home Run Overkill #536 - I know for a fact that Mickey only hit 536 of these things. This ends soon.
YR3 Ian Snell Year in Review, April 3, 2007: Snell Ks 10 of 1st 17 Houston Batters
OTG19 Prince Fielder Own the Game
TCH12 Joey Votto Trading Card History: 1887 Allen & Ginter - This is my first A&G card. I like.

16 Kevin Gregg Gold Foil
141 Ryan Klesko Gold Foil
Checklist 3 of 3
95 John Lackey - I am really enjoying these insane blurbs on the card backs. Apparently John was so sick on August 27 that Jeff Mathis covered his face when he went to the mound so he wouldn't catch his germs. Lackey shut out Seattle that day.
290 Edgar Renteria - A pretty slick Photoshop job, I must say.
245 Dan Haren

329 Lou Piniella MGR
212 Moises Alou - Moises has missed two full seasons to injuries (1991 and 1999). Sucks for him.
163 Doug Davis and his silly landing strip goatee
318 Ned Yost MGR
138 Dan Wheeler
248 Jose Contreras - Aaand I'm a Bobby Jenks away from a White Sox team set. That's 9 ChiSox and 3 Orioles. Pfft.
278 Xavier Nady - Is his nickname really "X"? How original.
57 Wladimir Balentien RC
137 Jamey Carroll - Shield your eyes, Thorzul!
317 Cliff Lee

No dupes in that pack. That's a relief.

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