Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Hi, I hope you guys are as excited as I am....

First Off 2005 Donruss Throwback Threads...

Eric Gagne LA

Garry "Most Happy Fella" Sheffield NYY

Raffie Furcal ATL

Mark Prior CUBS

Final Card...Troy Glaus D-BACKS

Not too good a start...let's continue and see where the hand of fate leads us.......

Next we have 3 packs of UD Masterpieces...

Pack 1:

Chris Chambliss crossing home after hitting a gw dinger off of Mark Littel to win the 1976 AL Pennant

Cal Ripken Hall of Fame (I'm calling "keepsies" right now!!)

"Andrew" Dice-K Matsuzaka RC

David "Large Father" Ortiz (Alright, I'll stop now!)

Not too bad....ripping pack 2....

Pack 2:

Andrew Miller RC

Ripken Breaks Gehrig's Record

Roger Maris

Roberto Clemente

Not too bad....Miller and 3 HOF'S....Tommy Likee...Tommy Likee

Pack 3:

Ryan Howard MVP Season card

Adam LaRoche's Kid Brother Andy (His RC!!!)

Albert Pujols

Roy Campanella

Do I have more....

Of course I have more...I'm a deeply disturbed individual.

Next up is 2008 Topps

Pack 1:

Kenny Lofton ALCS Card (with what could possible be Derek Jeter's ankle)

Man-Ram ALDS Card...Manny is letting us know that the field goal was in fact good!

Jeff Suppan

Luke Hochevar RC (I wasn't sure Luke actually existed until I saw this proof.)

Todd Helton

Mickey Mantle Insert (Really Topps?? Really?)

Series 400 Design Steve Pearce

David Wright Imploring Me to "Work Hard and Get Cards"

Gil Meche

Eric Bedard

Yorbit Torreabla

Not horrible....ok, pack 2 is going down as we speak...

Pack 2:

Jose Valverde

Bud Black Manager Card

Matt Garza

Terry Francona Manager Card

Howie Kendrick

Nate Schierholtz

Ryan Garko Gold

Willie Randolph Manager Card

How did I manage to get 3 manager cards in the same pack? Better question, how did Topps manage for me to manage to get 3 manager cards in the same pack???

CC Sabathia

Scott Rolen

Pack 3 better get me some hits toot sweet...BEEUTCH!!!

Pack 3:

Ryan Klesko

Kearns and Young

Jake Peavy

JR. Towles RC

Chad Cordero

Roy Oswalt All-Star Rookie

Nate Schierholtz Gold (Yay)


Gavin Floyd

Ross Ohlendorf RC

"Razor" Ramon Vasquez

Not tragic, not magic! Let's rip some puck! We'll do:

1 pack 06/07 Powerplay Hockey

2 packs 2007 UD 1 Hockey

1 pack 2007 Fleer Ultra Hockey

And away we go, eh...


Marian Gaborik (Heehee, Marian...)

Brad Richards

Brendan Shanahan.....A Ranger dressed as a Red Wing. Very Interesting...

Decoy...Ya Got Me UD...Good One!!!

Marek Svatos

Cristobal Huet (Can Cristobal tell the future??)

Matts Sundin

Let's try a big boy's product...2007 UD 1

Pack 1:

Ladislav Smid

Ilya Kovalchuk

Olie Kolzig

Paul Stastny

Brad Richards (Him again...)

Chris Kunitz

JP Dumont

Phil Kessel Next Generation

Pack 2:

PJ Axelsson

Ian White

Steve Sullivan

Evgeni Malkin

Dan Cloutier (Clootch...Clootch!!)

Wayne Primeau

Miroslav Satan (Could it be....Satan?)

Marian Hossa Hometown Heroes (Another Marian???)

Ok, lets finish off with Fleer Ultra...

Mikko Koivu

Peter Forseberg

Noah Welch Gold

Ryan Miller Difference Maker

Ryan Whitney

I'll probably do more in another post later..gonna go eat. Hope you guys liked these busts. Cuz' I didn't!!

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