Monday, February 11, 2008

2008 Topps Series 1 Gigantic $10 Pack

That's right. Ten bucks. Out of my wallet and into the greasy mitts of a comic book store guy in Brooklyn. All for what? Forty-six cards from I set I've already decided I'm not going to collect. Why did I do this? Either I'm out of my mind (possibly), or I needed to, like a junkie needs a fix.

It's been a long cold lonely winter...

Mark Buehrle
Adam Wainwright
Jerry Owens
Lyle Overbay
Chris Duffy
Kelvim Escobar
Aaron Cook
Julian Tavarez: You ever get the feeling that Tavarez is batshit crazy? I don't really have anything to back it up, but take a look at his signature. I'm no handwriting analysis expert but if taking the SATs has taught me anything, it's that if you can't sign your own name, you might have more problems than you think.
Phil Hughes
Jim Leyland
Yovani Gallardo
Goddamned Checklist
Ray Durham
Justin Upton
BJ Ryan: The photography on the pitcher cards is really underwhelming.
Shawn Green
Classic Combos: Morneau, Santana (whoops), Mauer [gold foil]: Too bad about Santana jumping ship, this is a nice card
Radhames Liz: Let's read part of the back of his card, just because it's awesome. "I didn't really know what baseball was until I was 16," Radhames recalls. Now, thanks to the 100-mph heat and filthy curveball issuing from his long right arm (his fingers hang to his knees), Major League success is well within Liz' reach... My fingers hang to half-way down my upper leg.
Joe Mauer
NL Leaders: Strikeouts: Not bad design. Would've been better if they had used headshots.
Daisuke Matsuzaka, T-206 Trading Card History: I like this idea. I mean, it's hard not to like it. The back leaves a lot to be desired, and if we really wanted to be good little baseball card purists, Matsuzaka should've been shown in an oldtime Boston uniform, grown out a handlebar mustache, and taken off his cap and parted his hair. And for Pete's sake, no smiling.
Brad Wilkerson
Scott Rolen: What's the consensus of Rolen playing on artificial turf in Skydome? Here's another complaint about the design: nowhere on the front does it show the player's position.
C.C. Sabathia
Willie Randolph: Nice symbolic photo for Randolph, with him literally blocked from the field, and thus, the post-season. Granted, I could be reading too far into this photo.
Alex Rodriguez, AL MVP [gold bordered, numbered 480/2008]: I can't believe I'm amount to write this, but the gold border actually makes the design better.
Ramon Hernandez
Johnny Estrada
Jake Peavy
Jose Reyes
Daric Barton
2007 Highlights: Randy Messenger Topps Certified Autograph: My friend put it best: "Randy Messenger" is a pornstar name.
Mickey Mantle HR History #511
Year in Review: Randy Johnson Severs Arm: This card reminds me of 1994 Upper Deck. Didn't they do a subset that looked like this? No word as of yet if Topps will rip off the Electric Diamond parallel.
Brad Penny Own the Game
Lenny DiNardo: I thought he was still on the Red Sox.
Jamie Moyer
Scott Hatteberg
Rafael Furcal
Kyle Kendrick
Hillary Clinton: It's too bad Topps didn't make this insert set fun.
David Weathers
Chris Ray
Corey Hart
Matt Holliday All-Star Rookie 50th Anniversary Team: Big fan of this set. I haven't taken a look at the checklist on this set, but here's hoping Jim Perry and Willie McCovey are included.
Jonathan Albaladejo


P.J. said...

Hey, at least the bonus is you did pull an auto, which is always nice when you sink a few bucks into packs. No scan of the auto?

dayf said...

Bad news: Jim Perry and Willie McCovey are not in the 50th anniversary set.

Good news: They will also be in series two so there's still a chance.

Great news Boog Powell is in the series 1 set.