Friday, February 15, 2008

2008 Topps Series 1 Jumbo Box Break, Volume V: Break Harder

This entry brings us to the halfway mark in this jumbo box. I may post again tonight, because these are starting to get backlogged. Will I be able to complete the set? Will I be arrested for attempting to use Mickey Mantle mirror cards as legal tender? Is everybody sick of 2008 Topps yet? Stay tuned!

201 Matt Capps
319 Joey Votto RC - With a name like that, he should be from Jersey, not Toronto.
8 Stephen Drew
64 Mike Lowell - According to the back of his card, Mike took up boxing last offseason to strengthen his back. I'm having a good time imagining that.
148 Gerald Laird
142 Chris Duncan
242 Manny Acta - There's a commercial in the DC Metro area featuring Manny in a hard hat urging Nats fans to come out to the new ballpark this year. Words cannot describe its awesomeness.
232 Clay Buchholz - Thanks, Topps, for bringing up his no-hitter against the Orioles. If I wasn't at Busch Gardens at the time, that game would have ruined my day.
191 Orlando Hudson - Card back refers to him as "O-Dog". Outstanding.
154 David Ross
266 Ryan Doumit
MMS47 Mickey Mantle Story: May 13, 1955, Mantle homers from both sides of the plate. Are any of these not about his homers? He had to have made a great catch at some point before his knees went to Hell.
C08-BO Barack Obama - Now I've pulled both front-runners. And per my promise two days ago, he's the guy who got my vote in the primary. No more politics talk from me, I promise.

40 Miguel Tejada - Photoshopped into an Astros jersey. Looks weird to me.
153 Luis Mendoza RC
140 Brandon Webb - His career-HIGH ERA is 3.59. Wow.
180 Jose Valverde
94 Bud Black
4 Rick Ankiel - I think it's kind of cool that they put only his career batting stats on the back. Rick hit .250 with 2 home runs in 2000, not bad.
19 Robinson Tejeda
206 Geoff Jenkins
112 Jacque Jones
322 Scott Kazmir, Johan Santana, and Erik Bedard: AL Strikeout Leaders - My first Orioles card in three packs, and it's not even a solo card. Geez.
323 Jose Valverde, Francisco Cordero, and Trevor Hoffman: NL Saves Leaders
326 Matt Holliday, Chipper Jones, and Hanley Ramirez: NL Batting Average Leaders
AR38 Ron Swoboda 50th Anniversary Topps All-Star Rookie - A Baltimore native who helped spur the Miracle Mets to a 1969 World Series upset of the Orioles. Judas!
MHR535 Mickey Mantle You Know the Drill #535
YR2 Felix Hernandez Year in Review, April 2, 2007: 3 H, 12 K vs. Oakland
OTG22 John Lackey Own the Game
TCH11 Jose Reyes Trading Card History: 1954 Topps - A thing of beauty, though it's odd to see this design on a glossy card.

25 Kaz Matsui: Postseason Highlights NLDS Gold Foil
286 Jeff Clement RC Gold Foil
184 Tadahito Iguchi
13 Kendry Morales
193 J. J. Hardy
171 John Maine - Did anyone hear about the cross-dresser who was posing as John Maine? Talk about random.

297 Jorge Posada
159 Luke Scott - My second new Oriole. Why are these guys still in Houston uniforms, when they managed to Photoshop Tejada?
307 Shawn Hill
281 Carlos Ruiz Topps All-Star Rookie
126 Brandon Jones RC
314 Ian Kinsler

9 Randy Wolf - He's not the same without the Wolf Pack.
150 Alfonso Soriano
263 Nook Logan
111 Ubaldo Jimenez

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