Sunday, February 24, 2008


I liked my pack of 1988 Panini stickers so much I dug up my sticker album and ripped three more packs. Lets see if these packs have any stickers I need!

Pack 1:
211 foil Blue Jays uniforms
228 Willie Randolph and Wade Boggs All Stars
259 Leon Durham
327 Tim Wallach
10 an action shot with #20 from the Yankees I think
225 Lloyd Moseby

Stickers I needed: Leon Durham and the mystery Yankee

I have about 75% of the album filled so 2 out of 6 ain't bad. The mystery Yankee sticker is actually one half of the Baltimore Orioles' action picture with Cal Ripken. I'm not going to bother looking up #20 because some fanatic out there will know and post it in the comments. Here's the full shot:

Leon Durham is the last Cub player I needed, all right! I'm still missing the logo and and action sticker but it's nice to complete something. Check out Sandberg's 'stache!

Pack 2:
J-1 Yankees Logo and Pennant
395 Curt Ford
267 Jerry Mumphrey
268 Rafael Palmeiro
79 Mel Hall
140 Gary Gaetti

Stickers I needed: The Yankees Logos and Curt Ford

Two more I needed including the last Cardinal. I'm only missing their big foil logo now. Curt looks a little bit worried to be stuck in between Vince Coleman and Willie McGee.

The Yankees sticker is a two-parter. There's a small pennant that goes on the useless pennant page:

And a circular logo that can be stuck on a mini poster:

I'm not sure what the pluses and asterisks I wrote in mean, they're pretty much on every page. My best theory is I ordered some stickers from Panini to complete my collection and I never mailed it off, or forgot to stick them in or actually hit puberty or something and stopped collecting stickers. Screw puberty, it's overrated. I'm going to display my unfinished pennant in my favorite place and HAVE FUN!

Pack 3:
317 Expos logo
437 Tony Gwynn action
231 Rickey Henderson and Dave Winfield All Stars
54 Bob James
121 Greg Brock
355 Lance Parrish

Stickers I needed: None, zippo, nada, bupkis

Man. I already have all these stickers. Now I feel like this guy:

Of course this setback only encourages me to find more of these packs. Here's the rest of the unstuck leftover stickers for your viewing pleasure. Anyone need 'em for YOUR sticker album?


Anonymous said...

Holy crap!

Is it just me, or does Willie McGee look like Snoop Dogg?

It's the curl, gotta be. He kept his hair short for his whole career, except maybe a two-month period.

dayf said...

I was thinking the exact same thing, actually.

SJ said...

I thought #20 was Randolph but he was #30. #20 was Bobby Meacham.

P.J. said...

Man, where do you find things like this? I almost want to get a sticker book and try to put it together!

Jason T. Carter said...

I worked on the 1988 Topps stickers for a while, but don't think I ever finished it. I like Topps better because even after you pulled the sticker off, you still had the "Superstar" card on the flip side! And my extra stickers would get stuck on index cards and sent to players for autographs. Just don't forget your SASE!

jtanevismom06 said...

Thats not a Yankee. It looks like Tony Armas in a road Red Sox uniform but the photo is old because he left the Sox in '86.

dayf said...

The sticker album I've had since 1988.The packs of stickers were in a repack box I bought this winter when I was bored and sick of Updates & Highlights. Last Week Mario at Wax Heaven asked me my opinion on my five favorite oddball sets and this was one of them. Everything all together inspired me to dig up the sticker album and make this post. Problem is, now I want more packs so I can try to complete the album but I have no clue where I'd ever find them.