Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl Prediction: 1991 Topps vs. 1991 Upper Deck series two

A nice close game at halftime, just like the advertisers like it. The Giants pull out the 1991 playbook, while the Patriots go back to their first quarter strategy with a high series pack. Can Bellichick find the Namath?

1991 Upper Deck series two
240 Keith Millard
221 Harold Green
207 Eddie Brown
280 Mark Rypien
128 Albert Lewis
GB1 Barry Sanders Game Breaker
641 Kelvin Pritchett
535 Bill Fralic
485 Floyd Dixon
330 Chris Doleman
216 Leo Goeas
139 Derrick Fenner
91 Green Bay Packers

What are the freakin' odds of pulling two Barry Sanders Game Breaker cards from two different packs from two different boxes from two different series?? Touchdown for the Pats and it looks like the Giants don't make any adjustments at all during halftime. Too busy watching Tom Petty I guess. This set is a guilty pleasure of mine, there is literally nothing worth a damn in this pack but I love it anyway. The design is awesome, the colors are bright and the photos are great. Harold Green breaks a Ram tackle on one side of his card and leaps over another Ram on the back. Eddie Brown and Albert Lewis both have that "oh shit" look right before they get clobbered by a defender. Floyd Dixon shows what it looks like right after getting clobbered. Derrick Fenner leaps over a Patriot defender. Chris Doleman wraps up Ottis Anderson of the Giants. These cards are worth bupkiss, but I like 'em. They're fun. I wish a new set was half this fun. Three more points for the Pats for having three Falcons back to back to back. Doleman was eventually a Falcon so he counts. Plus there's the classic MAJIK card. Gotta love that.

1991 Topps
384 Gary Zimmerman
648 Philadelphia Eagles
501 Broderick Thomas
22 Pepper Johnson
330 Hoby Brenner
637 Houston Oilers
120 Mark Duper
109 Jarvis Williams
16 Lawrence Taylor
1000 yard club 1 Jerry Rice
594 Leroy Hoard
300 Thomas Everett
172 Mark Carrier super rookie
74 Bill Romanowski
282 Norm Johnson
69 Tom Rathman

Another loaded pack for the Giants. First card out of the pack is Gary Zimmerman who just got elected to the Hall of Fame. Not one but two Giants in the pack including LT. Touchdown city. Topps must have been feeling the heat from Pro Set and Score by this time because this is a big improvement on their other sets. The photography is a little better, a little clearer and has more action shots instead of players hanging around the sidelines. Leroy Hoard running over the Jets and Randall Cunningham diving for a touchdown against the Giants are two good looking cards. Jerry Rice is the insert card and any Rice is good. Two TD's for the Giants.

End of the third Quarter, Giants 34, Patriots 27


Unknown said...

Actually, the odds of pulling the same Game Breaker twice are pretty good. I remember buying a box of that when it was new and I literally got 5 Thurman Thomas Game Breakers, none of anyone else.

William said...

Thank you so much for ripping some packs of 1991 Upper Deck football -- it's my favorite set of all-time, and 98% of my sports card collection is baseball cards. A few years ago I bought the factory set on eBay, busted it open, and put that shit in its own binder. The pics are so good. I think my favorite card might be the Rickey Proehl rookie where he's pointing to the camera on the front and making a leaping catch on the back. God that brings back memories.