Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl Prediction: 1999 Topps vs. 1996 Collector's Choice

The Patriots are down a touchdown in the fourth quarter and they need to step it up. Bellichick pulls out a curveball, an old pack of Collector's Choice to help out Brady and company. The Giants have their own trick up their sleeves, they abandon the cardboard for a high gloss foil stamped late 90's pack of Topps.

1996 Collector's Choice
100 Charlie Garner
126 Wesley Walls
38 Stantley Pritchett Rookie class
96 Drew Bledsoe
17 Pete Kendall Rookie Class
M12 Emmitt Smith MVP
S7 Morten Anderson sticker
197 Leslie Shepherd
157 Mike Sherrard
247 Phillipi Sparks
217 Chris Calloway
297 Scott Mitchell
300 Tony Bennett
323 Leroy Hoard

This is my favorite Collector's Choice set. It comes pretty close to the '91 set for looks. Plus the pack has 12 cards plus two bonus cards, wheee!The photography is pretty sweet, there's lots of neat shots here. Sparks is leaping for an interception, Calloway's getting mugged by an Eagle, Sherrard has a great "I didn't do it" look on his face and Bennett signs autographs (in full uniform) for the kids in some neighborhood. The Patriots get a Bledsoe card in this pack which is immediately nullified by three straight Giants. Sherrard has a "Signed by Broncos" label though. I have to give a TD to the MVP card of Emmitt and an awesome sticker of Morten. Hell, I'm giving the Patriots a 2-point conversion since the sticker shows holder Dan Strysynski as well.

288 Keenan McCardell
356 Checklist
195 Glyn Milburn
303 Leslie Shepherd
249 James Jett
194 Ted Johnson
341 Donovan McNabb SP RC
306 Terence Mathis
276 Trent Dilfer
299 Robert Brooks
218 John Avery

Donovan McNabb short print rookie! Freakin' Sweet! That's worth two touchdowns at least. The rest of the pack ain't so great. The design is kind of ugly and there's not much in here other than Donovan. Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson looks real mean though, he knocks out one of McNabb's touchdowns. The Giants have one last trick up their sleeve. Terence Mathis is one of my favorite Falcons of all time, plus he went to the Super Bowl the year this set came out. That's worth a last minute field goal to win it for the Gnats. Hey, I calls 'em as I sees 'em and Topps was just better in these pack breaks. So if the cards are correct we'll have a barn burner today with New York giving Boston another complex with a last second field goal. Bet on it! Old crappy wax is never wrong!

FINAL SCORE: Giants 44 Patriots 42

Ted Johnson sez: WE WUZ ROBBED!!!

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Mike S said...

Interesting that you pulled a Phillippi Sparks, as his daughter is singing the Anthem tonight.